Cosplay Contest Winners 2023

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CCC 2023 featured two remarkable cosplay contests, each with its unique charm and exciting prizes. Cosplayers from various backgrounds, nationalities, and skill levels took to the stage, bringing their favorite characters to life.

The Judges: Special guests Taryn, Horo Von Kaida, and Pretzl Cosplay, who are distinguished figures in the cosplay world, brought their expertise to the contests, ensuring fair and skilled evaluations.

Mediterranean Cosplay Championship

Saturday was a day of pure excitement as CCC hosted the prestigious Mediterranean Cosplay Championship (MCC). This solo cosplay contest was tailored for seasoned crafters who displayed their unwavering passion for the art of cosplay. The MCC emphasized the art of craftsmanship, demanding the highest levels of skill, precision, and creativity in costume making. One of the highlights of MCC was the stage performances, complete with music and lighting, creating a spectacular show.

1st Place

Insoriel Cosplay

As Jade
From Mortal Kombat 11

Insoriel’s attention to detail, precision, and creativity shone through in this meticulously crafted costume. She has not only won an all expenses paid trip for 2 to Japan’s World Cosplay Summit 2024 but also has earned the coveted opportunity to represent Cyprus at the Europa Cosplay Cup 2023 at Toulouse Game Show. What a dream come true!

Insoriel’s exceptional portrayal of Jade from Mortal Kombat 11 is a labor of love that involved a meticulous selection of materials and crafting techniques. The costume features a wide array of materials, including EVA foam, worbla, worbla’s crystal art, 3D prints, PVC pipes, polycarbonate tubes, fabrics, and faux leather. The choice of each material was based on its specific properties, such as weight, texture, flexibility, and translucency, all carefully considered for different parts of the costume. Insoriel’s crafting techniques encompassed everything from patterning and foam work to sewing, priming for smooth textures, wig styling, 3D modeling, airbrushing, and weathering. These skills were developed through extensive trial and error, supplemented by valuable insights from e-books, tutorials, and collaboration with fellow cosplayers. Insoriel dedicated an impressive 330 hours to perfecting this costume, ensuring each detail was just right. 

Insoriel’s stage performance was filled with fierce fighting poses, exciting action moves and even a playful Mortal Kombat fatality which she had practiced meticulously with a fellow cosplayer who is adept in martial arts. The attention to mobility and flexibility was clearly displayed during her performance, allowing her to resemble the agile character.

2nd Place


As St. Katherine
From Warhammer 40000

3rd Place

Catalth Cos

As Jinx
From Arcane

4th Place


As Tohka Yatogami
From Date A Live

5th Place


As Bo-Katan Kryze
From Star Wars (Mandalorian)

CCC Cosplay Masquerade

Sunday brought forth the CCC Masquerade, which celebrated a more laid-back and inclusive approach to cosplay. The contest invited everyone, from newcomers to seasoned enthusiasts, and allowed solo cosplayers and groups of 2-3 to express their creativity and passion. The focus was on fun, camaraderie, and pure enjoyment of the art.

1st Place


As Princess Celestia
From My Little Pony (Adaptation by Sunset Dragon)

2nd Place


As Wei Wuxian
From Grand Master of Demonic Cultivation

3rd Place

Neil Fawkes

As Din Djarin (The Mandalorian season 3)
From Star Wars

4th Place


As 15th Anniversary Strawberry X Miku
From Vocaloid

5th Place

Lady of Steel

As Red Sonja
From Red Sonja

Everyone else who participated, <3 to all!

Mediterranean Cosplay Championship

Eleftheria Amazon Varia Xena Warrior Princess S6
Nikolas T. Inosuke Demon Slayer
Antria Barbie Millicent Roberts Barbie Fashion Fairytale
Sensofi Akali League of Legends
Harleen Riven (Base Skin) League of Legends
Nicos A. KAEL THAS SUNSTRIDER World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion


Haralambos Trafalgar D. Water Law (Punk Hazard Outfit) One Piece
Lethargic Sakura Jinx Arcane League of Legends
Constantin Batman Injustice (DC Universe)
Valeriia Power and Denji Chainsaw man
Kateryna Cheetah Injustice 2 DC Universe
Nyree & Melina Princess Leas Star Wars
Catalth cos Prompto Argentum Final Fantasy XV
Tina Thoma Genshin Impact
Desh Kenji Miyazawa Bungo Stray Dogs
Socrates Finn Adventure Time
Ami Luffy One Piece
Dan Denji Chainsaw Man
Stavroula Asuna Sword Art Online
Clay Sun Five Nights at Freddy’s
Cool Guy Deku My Hero Academia
Mystery Duo Adam and Barbara Beetlejuice
Wasabitrader Terra-Xehanort Kingdom Hearts
Andreas Crocodile (Marineford) One Piece
XtianHawk Cosplay Cal Kestis Star Wars
Nefeli-Daisy Mandalorian Star Wars