€800 Cosplay Prize @ Stephanis Street Party on 30th June


Stephanis and Cyprus Comic Con Team Up for an Epic Street Party and Cosplay Competition!

Get ready, cosplayers and comic fans alike, because Stephanis is thrilled to announce the grand opening of their brand-new store on Saturday, 30th June. What’s more exciting? They’re not just cutting ribbons – they’re throwing a legendary street party in collaboration with Cyprus Comic Con!

The street party kicks off at 19:00, the highlight of which is a thrilling cosplay competition at 20:00. Whether your outfit is entirely handmade, modified from existing pieces, or a well-loved costume from a previous event, we want to see it! This contest is about the joy of cosplay and everyone is welcome to join.

The judging won’t be as formal as in conventional cosplay championships. It’s all about fun, creativity, and passion for your favourite characters! The Stephanis and Cyprus Comic Con teams will be on hand to judge the entrants, and the top three cosplayers will share a prize pool of €800 in Stephanis gift vouchers:

  1. 1st Prize – €500 Stephanis gift voucher
  2. 2nd Prize – €200 Stephanis gift voucher
  3. 3rd Prize – €100 Stephanis gift voucher

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Every participant will have the chance to step onto the stage and strut their stuff in front of fellow fans and party-goers. It’s the perfect moment to make your favourite character shine!

Once the cosplay prizes have been announced, the party is far from over. In true Stephanis and Cyprus Comic Con style, we’ll be keeping the good times rolling until midnight. There’ll be an abundance of food and drinks available, and we guarantee there’ll be plenty of other cool activities and surprises throughout the night!

So, grab your masks, capes, or any costume you fancy, and come join us for a night filled with celebration, creativity, and community. We can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to the stage. See you there, minna! (* ^ ω ^)