Cyprus Comic Con will be back in April 2019

The Cyprus Comic Con team wishes to thank the public as well as our sponsors, for supporting our efforts with last September’s event.

CCC17, which took place for the first time at the Nicosia State Fair, was a great success.

The organising committee is pleased to report that there has been an increase of 25% in attendance compared to the 2016 event. Taking these figures into account, preparations for the next event have already begun, however, its date has changed and it will instead be held in April 2019 and subsequently, every April after that.


We are changing our date from September to April every year – there won’t be a Cyprus Comic Con in 2018, but we’ll be back again in April 2019! 


So Why the Change in Date?

The reason for this decision, to transfer the event date from September to April, is due to the unsatisfactory air-conditioning facilities of the Nicosia State Fair, which is the only venue in Cyprus that can accommodate an event of such high turnout. Naturally, another factor is the difficult weather of our island, as it makes for uncomfortable attendance. The high heat during the months of that period (August/September) makes the work of both organisers and all participants, more difficult and almost unbearable. 🔥🔥🔥😩😩😩

By moving the date of the event, we are aiming for an increase in attendance, hoping to also attract a number of tourists, during a non-traditionally busy period, thus making our island an attractive destination for the rest of the year and not just in the summer. Furthermore, this will give us the opportunity to take advantage of the full potential of the outdoor areas of the State Fair and to make better use of them.


Don’t worry though, there’s plenty more in store from us for 2018!

The year of 2018 will not be without events. In order to maintain the interest of popular culture fans and the geek community in Cyprus, a series of smaller events will be held on dates that will be announced at a later stage. Through these smaller events, we will prepare the grounds for Cyprus Comic Con 2019, which promises to be even bigger, more entertaining and to surpass the success of previous years!