Cosplay Image Submission Guide

Send us your photos at or upload them to Google Drive/Dropbox/OneDrive etc. and send us the link.

You are required to email us at least 5 photos from each of the following categories. Please make sure that your photos are high quality, well lit and in focus. Digital manipulation to alter the appearance of your costume is prohibited. The deadline for sending these photos in is September 7th. Feel free to email us any updates to your costume as work on it progresses.

The following guide contains example images from Ilse Einmyria, a talented cosplayer from the UK, who has crafted and worn Daenerys Targaryen’s White Fur Coat from Game of Thrones, Season 7.

1. Reference Images

Images (please no video) of the character you will be cosplaying as, which clearly display the characteristics and details. These images will be used to compare your costume with the character and will determine your accuracy score. If your costume is a variation of the original character (secondary character skin), please use images of that variation. Detailed closeups, full body images, back and front, weapons etc.

Photos taken during the making-of stage of your costume. This section can be used to highlight certain techniques you used, research you’ve done or detail work you put into the costume. Feel free to annotate your images.

3. Full Body Shots & Close-ups

Photos of the latest progress of your costume pieces. We understand it may not be finished by the time you’re applying, so don’t worry, just try to highlight as much of the full thing as possible, including  props, makeup, wigs, etc. It is recommended to take photos from all angles: front, sides, back as well as close-ups which show details, including stitching, fabric, textures, paint, fastenings, accessories etc.