Cosplay Registrations and Schedule

12015121_390895114437914_5565134976922076585_oWith less than a month until Cyprus Comic Con 2016, everyone is a busy bee and undoubtedly so are the cosplayers who are preparing for the Cosplay Contest! Here’s what you need to know if you’re interested in participating.

This year’s competition has undergone quite a few positive changes, with the main one being that we are introducing two categories:

  • The Fully Handmade Category where all cosplayers wearing fully handmade costumes will compete to win grand prizes and the highest placing eligible cosplayer will be the proud owner of a ticket to the EuroCosplay Championship 2016 Final at the MCM London Comic Con in October, to represent Cyprus! All fully handmade costumes can compete in this category – it is not limited to those eligible for the EuroCosplay Finals.
  • The Partly Handmade Category includes all cosplayers whose costumes were either partly handmade or re-purposed. This category will have its own set of winners and big prizes!

Both categories will compete on Saturday, the 3rd of September and registrations for both will be open online until the night of the 2nd and on the day of the competition at the cosplay desk.

Purchased, mass-produced costumes will not be accepted due to an increase in difficulty and quality of the competition as the local cosplay community is quickly maturing. Nevertheless you will still be granted free entrance to the convention and are welcome to take part in the stage show.

12045209_390895177771241_8957880286935679331_oWhy should you register online?

As you may know, the registration form has been online for quite some time now and if you are planning to compete with a fully handmade costume you may have noticed that it’s quite demanding. Registering online will ensure that you can highlight your costume in the best way possible by submitting photos and detailed crafting information to the judges. You will not be able to do the same on the day.

It will also save you time since you simply have to check in with us at the cosplay registration desk, receive your wristband with your cosplayer ID and be on your merry way without having to register on the spot, which may be a hassle.


The Schedule on Saturday

Cosplayers taking part in the competition need to be present during all these phases:

  1. Registration & Check-in 9:00 – 13:00
    You need to come to the cosplay desk to receive your cosplayer ID before closing time.
  2. Judging 13:00 – 16:00
    You need to arrive at the designated judging area 5 minutes before your assigned judging time slot between these times.
  3. Stage & Award Show 17:30 – 19:00
    You will have to be present backstage half an hour before the show.

We can’t wait to see you at the convention and wish best of luck to all who are competing!

9 comments on “Cosplay Registrations and Schedule”
  1. Philip

    If we come to the competition we get free entrances right? If we don’t enter the competition but we still cosplay is the entrance free or no?

    • Hi Philip, all cosplayers get free entrance! You don’t have to register or take part in the contest. You only need to come in a full cosplay costume and go through the cosplay entrance on the right of the ticket booths.

      • Philip

        Are we allowed to leave the costumes over night? Like for the next day

        • yes, there is a cloak room next to the cosplay desk where you can store stuff.

  2. Konstantinos

    if we bring all parts of our cosplay and dress up at CCC when we show to the security guy we still can enter without any issue?

    • yes, you just show your costume at the entrance and they’ll let you in!

  3. do you guys goıng to have a bus or somethıng that wıll get us from nıcosıa ?

    • Hi Ahmet, we will have comic con busses running from other cities to Nicosia. If you are in Nicosia, check this page on how to get to Filoxenia with a city bus from Solomou Main Bus station.

  4. Theariana

    how much do the tickets cost ?

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