Cosplay Photography

pirezeUtapriset_01Could a comic con ever be successful without extremely thorough coverage of all those amazing cosplayers? Nope!

Professional photographer, Panayiotis Kyriakou will be setting up a very well-equipped photography studio with all the backdrops, lights and cameras needed for a very high quality result!

Awarded multiple times for his skill and talent, Panayiotis is a very active member of the art community in Cyprus and has very enthusiastically volunteered to lend us his expertise! Visit his portfolio website and Facebook page to see what I’m talking about.


You will be able to buy a glossy print of your photo in multiple sizes (RIGHT ON THE SPOT!) for a very low price! Panayiotis will also be offering you the choice of ordering extra editing and a photo-manipulated background to get amazing shots of your cosplay!

All the pictures will also be uploaded online for the viewing pleasure of all!

I would also like to add that we have many cosplayers from the same shows/comics/etc. We can arrange for group photos! Just come by the cosplay registration desk, right by the entrance and we can fix a time for you all to pose together!