Cosplay Photography & Videography

Cosplayers, prepare to be photographed, filmed, photo-shopped and ogled at from every angle! This year, we have a team of 2 extremely talented and eager photographers, a young and ambitious videographer and a veteran sculptor and prop-maker, all specifically tasked to make Cyprus Comic Con’s Cosplay experience, a memorable one.

Our photographers, Alex and Panayiotis alongside sculptor, Rakis, have been working hard to convert the cosplay photography booth into a beautiful interactive scene, complete with detailed props and artificial smoke, ensuring that the final result will be amazing. Cosplayers and everyone else, do not hesitate to go take a picture! All the photos will be sold as professionally retouched prints and high quality digital files and some of them will posted online.

Damien, our talented videographer from last year has returned with new ideas and awesome new equipment, one being a drone which will film the fringe festival from above! Like last year, he will be making a Cosplay music video in the style of Sneaky Zebra. Prepare your moves and poses!

The team

Photographer: Alex Kokkinos

After years of being the personal photographer for all worthy up-and-coming villains, Alex Kokkinos has decided in favour of extending his services to the realm of superheroes. In a recent, exclusive interview he stated:

“The world domination market is in decline. Check out the posters around town nowadays and you’ll see the likes of Superman, Batman, Captain America. It’s the age of the superhero. That’s where the money is. That’s where I’ll be.”

While, no doubt, there will be those upset with the change of clientèle, there is little worry for Alex Kokkinos. After all, he does shoot people for a living.

Email: Telephone: +357 99328578

Photographer: Panayiotis Kyriakou

Panayiotis was born in a far far away old kingdom called Paphos more than three decades ago. His father is a noble man who held the key of the apothecary of magic. Magic showing the past and the future, in this and alternate universes, were kept in little boxes. From an early age Panayiotis used his access the apothecary to gain knowledge about the secrets of the world. Today he is using his knowledge of magic to bring to life lost heroes and heroins, and enrich the world with fantasy and imagination. In the last Cyprus Comic Con he searched in the soul of the cosplayers and revived their past lives. He will be here at the 2015 Cyprus Comic Con, so if you are brave enough to travel through time and realms of realities, give him a visit and the chance to look into your souls!

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Sculptor: Rakis

Rakis is based in Limassol and specializes in special fx make-up & prosthetics, sculpture & design, creature & character design, models & prototypes, animatronics.

Facebook Page Email: Telephone: +357 99226887

Videographer: Damien

Damien has worked on a number of prominent projects: club filming all over the island, recordings of world-renowned artists such as Armin Van Bureen, multiple video adverts for gyms, hotels, coffee shops, tv spots and more! He won fist place at the Young Lions film competition Cyprus earlier this year.

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