Cosplay Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a cosplayer and I want to take part in the cosplay contest. How do I apply?

  • Register online right here right now!
  • or you can visit the cosplay registration desk on the event day (until 2pm)

Either way, you have to present yourself at the desk by 2pm the latest otherwise you lose your chance to compete!

lioncatBut what will I have to do as a contestant?

There will be three stages to it:

  • The private judging starting at 2pm. All of you will be escorted outside the “judges’ headquarters” where you will enter one by one to present your costume and character as well as you can! Not to worry though, this is not an exam of any sort, the judges will be a small group of chill happy people who rumour has it, gives out candy.
  • The cosplay parade will take place on the main stage at 5pm. All contestants will be called and presented on stage for a brief chance to show off your haute couture costume or dance the robot or just stand there awkwardly and wave at your mum. The presenters will make sure to nudge you in the right direction with their commentary.
  • The winner announcements and consequent prize-giving will happen right after the parade finishes. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you will be called on stage and given something very, very, veeeery nice (hint hint hint – to be announced soon!).

I’m a cosplayer but I don’t want to take part in the contest. Do I have to inform anyone or register?

Nope, simply come to the event like any other person would. Just be advised that the cosplay rules still apply to you too. So if you are carrying a weapon or wearing spiky things, come by the registration desk to get approval otherwise we’ll hunt you down and eat your brains.

I’m a cosplayer who’s not participating in the contest but I want to take part in the parade. Is this possible?

It sure is! Just come by the registration desk and make sure to let us know of your intention!


7 comments on “Cosplay Frequently Asked Questions”
  1. Valentino

    Do we have to cosplay as superheroes or comic book characters? I am dressing as one of the Daft Punk, is it ok to participate in the contest?

    • Helen Christofi

      Hi Valentino, you can cosplay as anything you like!

  2. irene

    hey, if i enter the competition do i have to attend the parade too?

    • Helen Christofi

      yes, you do! The parade also includes the prize announcements, you’ll need to be on stage with all the other contestants at that time!

      • irene

        but i’ll have to be at the bus station by 18:30 and I do not want to lose the bus or lose the chance to compete,
        if there are no dilays and the parede starts normally at 5pm, will it be over until 6pm?

        • Helen Christofi

          I’m really sorry Irene, I won’t be able to know how long the parade will last until the registrations are closed on the day. Have you considered asking someone to give you a ride back instead of taking the bus? I’m sure there are loads of people coming from your city! There’s a conversation in the group about it. You can post there to see if anyone can offer you a ride. If you can’t see the post, just join the group. Good luck!

  3. Chris

    Is it okay to bring a drill made out of paper and card board?

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