Cosplay Contest Winners 2019

Some truly breathtaking costumes walked the CCC 2019 cosplay competition stage! Just like in 2017, CCC held two competitions, one on each day:

Saturday: The CCC EuroCosplay Qualifier 2019 consisted of a fully fledged show where all contestants had the chance to perform their own entertaining cosplay skits and offered the sum of €1,750 in money prizes and selected a representative for Cyprus in London’s MCM Expo EuroCosplay Final with all their flights, accommodation and travel expenses covered! The judges were our distinguished cosplayers and special guests from the Czech Republic Germia, Ali Cosplay & Props and Ketrin Cosplay.

Sunday: The more casual CCC Masquerade 2019 had the audience enjoy an on-stage judging session and an energetic Cosplay Parade and offered the sum of €850 in money prizes! This contest was judged by experienced local cosplayers and past winners Alcaria Cosplay, Molza and DeXter.

This year we had a disappointing drop in the quantity of cosplay participants, but a more than welcomed increase in quality! A total of 36 contestants participated with 61% of them being fully hand-made versus a 41% of partly hand-made costumes.

Without further ado, here are the winners:

CCC EuroCosplay Qualifier

1st Place

Alcaria Cosplay (Gloria Roussou)
As Kassandra (Mercenary Set)
From Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Gloria will be representing Cyprus at the EuroCosplay Championship Final in London MCM Expo on the 26th of October 2019. It has taken her a total of 500 hours of work to handcraft the costume. Here’s the process in her own words:

I made the breastplate out of craft foam and Worbla and I covered most of it with faux leather. I “carved” and removed parts of the leather with a craft knife and carefully painted the exposed part gold. The metallic details were made out of Worbla and Thibra. Both shin guards and the left bracer were also craft foam covered in Worbla which I later painted black and used gold Rub-n-Buff to make them look like worn, archaic metal. The right bracer was a plain sheet of craft foam, sanded and distressed with a rotary tool. Again the metallic designs (eagle and snakes) were sculpted Thibra. The golden chevrons on top are 3mm craft foam. All the belts that interconnect and the skirt/belt are faux leather (thick, non-elastic) glued on 2mm craft foam strips. I sanded and distressed them. I bought a pair of sandals and added straps and small strips of fabric, covered the ankles, and painted them. The tunic was a white linen fabric, sewn into a top and a skirt. I tore some pieces and connected them around a waist band, to make the skirt look flowy, distressed, and uneven. I dyed the fabric a light, watered down, grey-ish colour and added the red linen fabric on it. For the lace decoration on the shoulder fabric I got 2 types of braided trim (a rope-like trim and a zig-zag) which I connected to create a different type of trim. The pin that holds the fabric was made out of Thibra, glued on a safety pin. Both weapons (Spear and Sword) were made out of carved foam, reinforced with 2mm diameter wooden sticks, and then covered with Worbla. The spear has very strong magnets hidden inside the Worbla so that it connects to the magnets hidden in the quiver.

2nd Place

Manic Crafts (Nyree Hapetian)
As Dragonborn (Glass Armour)
From The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

3rd Place

Tajfu Cosplay (Anastasia Glushkova)
As Arachne
From Sakizou Illustrations (Mystic Animism Artbook)

4th Place

Insoriel Cosplay (Eva Demetrou)
As Human Warrior T10 Wielding Calamity’s Edge
From World of Warcraft

5th Place

Molza (Tatiana Anisimova)
As Rose DeWitt-Bukater (Jump Dress)
From Titanic

CCC Cosplay Masquerade

1st Place

Arian Jocson
As Kilik (Original Costume in Red)
From Soul Calibur

2nd Place

Mira (Anastasia Grusha)
As Red
From Transistor

3rd Place

Nicos Tsouris
As Peter Quill
From Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

4th Place

Anastasis Constantinou
As Alexios of Kephalonia
From Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

5th Place

Christina Vasiliou
As Valeera (Demon Hunter)
From Heroes of the Storm

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Everyone else who participated! We <3 you!

EuroCosplay Qualifier

Alphabetical Nana Rei (Styliani Koudounari) Jester D&D Critical Role
Stavroula Constantinou William Vangeance Black Clover


6th Luna Aelfled Khajiit Elder Scrolls
7th Andreas Loizou & Mikaella Akritova Pickle Rick and Birdperson Rick and Morty
8th Prokopis Koulermos Kratos God of War
9th Καφφετζή Μελαχροινή Xayah The Rabel League of Legends
10th Christian Jocson Darth Maul Star Wars
Alphabetical Alexandra Grezina Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon The Witcher 3
Anna-Maria & Rafael Triantafyllides Ratchet and Clank Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction
Athina & Loukas Shields Gang Beasts Chicken Gang Beasts
Catalin Constantin Cazan Mass Effect & Iron-Man Mashup Marvel and BioWare
Charilaos Michael Millennium Earl – Season 1 D Gray Man
Constantinos Thoma Nero Devil May Cry 5
Daniel Ellinas Viking Vikings
George Mina Katakuri One Piece
Kakos Portantaris Heavy Team Fortress 2
Konstantinos Paschalis Blitz (CamoSkin) Rainbow Six Siege
Lydia Shields & David Ackerley Gang Beasts Fox and Dragon Kigurumi Gang Beasts
Menelaos Mavromoustakos Guts (Berserker armor) Berserk
Nefeli SImpson Marcelline Vampire Adventure Time
Nicos Leonardos Kael thas World of warcraft
Paige McCann Ciri The Witcher 3
Sotia Liasidou Akame Akame Ga Kill
Theodoros Yiangou Asta (Black bull outfit with demon slayer sword) Black Clover
Vasilis Constantinou Goblin Slayer Goblin Slayer