Cosplay Contest Winners 2017

The Cosplay stakes have never been higher before as both the EuroCosplay Qualifier and the Masquerade competitions held in CCC17 offered the sum of €2,600 in cash as well as over €1000 worth of prizes and the chance to represent Cyprus in London’s MCM Expo EuroCosplay Final with all flights, accommodation and travel expenses covered! Along with the stakes being higher, so was the average costume quality. As our rules became stricter our cosplayers stepped up their game with no hesitation! A total of 55 contestants participated with 70% of them being fully hand-made versus a 30% of partly hand-made costumes. The Saturday EuroCosplay contest consisted of a fully fledged show where all contestants had the chance to perform their own entertaining cosplay skits while the Sunday Masquerade had the audience enjoy an on-stage judging session and an energetic Cosplay Parade!

We are proud to announce our winners:

EuroCosplay Qualifier

1st Place

Tatiana Anisimova (Molza)
Glinda the Good Witch

Photos by The Other I

Tatyana will be representing Cyprus at the EuroCosplay Championship Final in London MCM Expo on the 28th of October 2017. It has taken ~550 hours of pure work to handcraft every inch of this costume. Here’s the process in her own words:

My costume is a replica of Glinda’s Bubble Dress from US version of musical “Wicked”.

The skirt consists of 46 petals (exactly as many as in the musical) of different sizes covered in waves of sequins, I used three different types and colours of them to make a gradient effect. Overall it took me about 1 kilo of sequins, each and every single one of them I sewed on by hands, every petal took me in average 10-12 hours of work. Underneath the skirt there are 6-hoop crinoline (circumference of the bottom hoop is 385 cm).

The boned bodice and pointed collar are also covered with sequins. I used light blue crystal organza as a main fabric. Crown with snowflake ornaments on it was made from wire, crown base, polymer clay and lots of rhinestones and crystals of different kind. Necklace and wand are made from wire and lots of rhinestones and crystals of different kind. I also did a custom wig style for this costume.” It has taken ~550 hours of pure work, sequins part about 450 hours. Overall I was working on this costume around 1,5 years in almost all my spare time.

2nd Place

Sofoklis Sofokleous
Aloy (Shield Weaver Outfit)
Horizon Zero Dawn


3rd Place

Nyree Hapetian (Manic Crafts)
Dragonborn (Glass Armour)
The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim


1st Runner-up

Gloria Roussou (Alcaria)
Dragonborn (Daedric Armour)
The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim


2nd Runner-up

Athina Kanari
Dryad Soraka
League of Legends


CCC Cosplay Masquerade

1st Place

Eva Demetriou
Blood Elf Demon Hunter
World of warcraft


2nd Place

Chirkova Olga (Fosya)
League Of Legends


3rd Place

Alexandra Phasaria (Made by Alcaria)
The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim


4th Place

Arian Jocson
Chirrut Imwe
Star Wars


5th Place

Christina Vasiliou
Spyro (Human Version)
Spyro The Dragon


6th Place

Stav Guini & Sharon Turner (Group)
Kurapika & Chrollo Lucilfer
Hunter X Hunter


7th Place

Nicos Tsouris
Captain America


8th Place

Andrianos Zachariou
Mortal Kombat X


9th Place

Anastasis Constantinou
The Reaper


10th Place

Christina Nikolaou
Riven (Battle Bunny)
League of Legends


To all other participants, Thank you! You are all awesome!
EuroCosplay Qualifier
Alexis Panayi
Apostolos loizou
Cazan Catalin Constantin
Christina Nikolaou
Flare King
Maria Frantzi
Panayiotis Pallaris
Styliani Koudounari
Theognosia Hadjiyianni
CCC Cosplay Masquerade
Alexandros Antonaki
Andreas Papas
Andrew Nicolas
Anna Aristidou
Anna Hathaway
Anthony Radj Salvacion
Antonis Georgiou
Aris Christodoulou
Paige McCann
Athina Shields
Christos Andreev
Frixos Rousou
Gabriela Maneva
George Demosthenous
Hakan Çolakoğlu
Konstantinos Paschalis
Kyriacos Economides
Kyriakos Koumenides
Kyriakos Michael
Lukas Shields
Lydia Shields
Menelaos Mavromoustakos
Mike Schiniou
Mor Oren
Nicolas Iordanou
Piotr (Peter) Debski
Polis Trachonitis
Rena Hadjiyianni
Theodora Zanettou
Vicky Lawrence