At this year’s Cyprus Comic Con there will be a special booth set up by P.A.W.S. – Protecting Animals Without Shelter fully dedicated to a geek’s best friend! Expect to find second hand books in low prices, toys for your pets, dogs’ and cats’ collars, leashes and accessories. They will also be selling their charity’s merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs etc. and a selective amount of handmade things  & many more! Be prepared for lots of surprises and a very special competition. Find P.A.W.S.’s booth at Hall 6!

P.A.W.S. will be there to register new members to their club and also to take donations to help cover their running expenses. You can also find informative leaflets and they will be there to answer to any questions regarding how they work and what needs to be done regarding the strays in Cyprus (microchip/spaying).

P.A.W.S. is an animal charity organisation founded in Nicosia in 2012. At the moment they have over 200 dogs and 50 cats under their care and they also help municipal pounds whenever and however they can. Its primary objective is to establish a “raise awareness concerning animal welfare” in Cyprus through actions that will:

  • Support and promote animal rights
  • Put pressure on relevant authorities to practically apply legislation regarding animal welfare
  • Deal with animal abuse and neglect
  • Educate various target groups of people regarding animal rights and animal welfare.

Make sure to visit P.A.W.S.’s website and Facebook to learn more about their volunteer work!

Ways to help

  • Direct Donations:

P.A.W.S. relies heavily on donations to further its cause and so we strongly encourage you to send any amounts PayPal or via bank transfer at: BANK OF CYPRUS – BANK ACCOUNT 357010771752 – IBAN CY83002001950000357010771752 – SWIFT/BIC (BCYPCY2N)

  • Foster an animal:

One of the biggest problems faced by animal welfare organizations in Cyprus is the lack of space to shelter stray animals. There are no state shelters to cover these needs, while private shelters are almost permanently overcrowded. Fostering an animal can be a huge help for us and for the animals themselves, even for a few days. P.A.W.S. will provide you with the necessary (food if needed and veterinary expenses).


  • Donation boxes:

If you have your own business or shop, donation boxes are one of the simplest and cheapest ways to raise money for a non-profit organisation.  Just contact us! We will provide you with one and you will just need to put it somewhere to get the customers’ attention!  This is a traditional but very effective way to help!

  • Be a volunteer:

The need for more volunteers is constant. Any help is welcomed. From transporting animals to vets, caring actions, complaints and rescuing, to contributing in organising events, designing posters, taking photographs, making telephone calls, writing and sending letters, any action or ‘small act’ is a necessary stage to work properly.

*If you have any books, blankets, food, tick treatments, deworming pills that you no longer need and you love animals, we need them for a good cause!

Contact info

Email: info@pawscy.com

Tel: 99769011/99769025