CCC2014 Cosplay Music Video by Damien Heraclides

damienCyprus Comic Con is pleased to announce that videographer Damien Heraclides, specialist in film and editing,  will be present and ready to film cosplayers in action this Saturday at the first Cyprus convention!

Damien will be collecting the footage he takes and editing it down into a cosplay music video. If you’ve never seen a cosplay music video before you need to immediately check out SneakyZebra, MLZ and Glitch on YouTube for their awesome coverage of cosplay at US, UK and French conventions!

Damien has worked on a number of prominent projects: club filming all over the island, recordings of world-renowned artists such as Armin Van Bureen, multiple video adverts for gyms, hotels, coffee shops, tv spots and more! On 2013 he has been elected to represent Cyprus at the 70th Venice International Film Festival where he was given the chance to influence the film industry first hand.

He’s a movie, TV series and video game fanatic and is really excited to be shooting all you cosplayers on the day – so make sure you practice your poses and special moves!

We urge you to check out his public portfolio at his Vimeo channel, here!

Keep your eyes open for the video upload after the convention! ^_^