BlanketBurrito and Daphne Vasiliki Thermidi

Lydia Eleftheria Papaconstantinou

BlanketBurrito – Artist and Writer Daphne Vasiliki Thermidi – Artist and Writer

BlanketBurrito has studied Graphic Design & Visual Communication in the University of West Attica and continued for a Masters on Animation in the same University. Daphne V. Thermidi, also a student of Graphic Design and Animation in the same University, is currently trying to combine illustration and animation, having already co-created (along with BlanketBurrito) the pilot episode of the series “Tales” based on her graphic novel. The two met while studying and began a promising collaboration which led to the creation of “Tales” as well as the comic anthology “How did the fly get inside?” among other things.

You can find BlanketBurrito’s work on her page on Instagram, and Behance Page .

You can find Daphne’s work on Instagram, and Behance Page.