Artists’ Alley

The Artists’ Alley is a dedicated space for professional and semi-professional artists to showcase their talent, interact with other creative minds and art enthusiasts, draw commissioned sketches and sell prints, as well as other merchandise of their work.

If you are looking for a unique souvenir to take home with you that’s crafty and creative, then make sure to visit the Artists’ Alley and browse the creative works on display! Or, even better, ask one of the artists to create a custom, commissioned sketch for you of your favourite character!

More to be announced soon!

Katerina Pantela

Cyprus Comic Con welcomes the talented Katerina Pantela to its Artists’ Alley for CCC19! Katerina is a concept artist, character designer and 2D animator from Cyprus. She holds a First Class Honours BA degree in Animation from the Arts University Bournemouth and has also undertaken specialised courses in Character Design. Katerina has also completed the […]

Arcanum Comics (Demetres Panayides & Marios Yiangou)

Cyprus Comic Con welcomes back Arcanum Comics (illustrator Demetres Panayides and writer Marios Yiangou) to its Artists’ Alley for CCC19! Arcanum Comics Arcanum Comics is a collective formed by Demetres Panayides and Marios Yiangou. While currently working on DÆMONIUM, a horror series set in Cyprus, they aim to grow their collection, and hopefully the team, offering high […]

Savvas Papadopoulos

Cyprus Comic Con welcomes back the talented illustrator Savvas Papadopoulos  to its Artists’ Alley for 2019! Savvas is a freelance illustrator and designer from Nicosia,Cyprus. He graduated from Birmingham City University with a Visual Communication – Illustration diploma and he has since worked on various projects, such as game design, books, comics, logos, digital paintings, board games […]

Polina Tsatsami

We are pleased to welcome Polina Tsatsami to CCC19’s Artists’ Alley! Polina is a 23 year old artist from Serres, Greece. She is mostly self taught but she attendeds some drawing lessons at “Artio” Art School At Serres and studied Graphic Designer at IEK Paster at Thessaloniki. Her passion is drawing and sketching, but she […]

Lynn Shields

We want to welcome Lynn Shields to Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley! Pen and ink art with a twist. Perhaps dark and unusual but arresting and thought provoking. Lynn studied art and rediscovered her talent in the last 3 years. She now works as a graphic designer specialising in product development, turning abstract concepts […]

Nikoletta Kyprianou

We are delighted to have Nikoletta Kyprianou for another year at CCC’s Artists’ Alley! Nikoletta is a freelance artist and illustrator from Nicosia, with a BA Degree in Illustration from Middlesex University. She really enjoys creating intricate pen drawings of weird and out of this world characters. Nikoletta grew up watching old horror and fantasy […]

Marios Kyprianou

Cyprus Comic Con wants to welcome writer Marios Kyprianou to CCC19 Artists’ Alley! Marios is a graduate of the silversmithing department and culinary school. He works as a chef, but since 2005 he started writing in his free time, which is his greatest passion. Marios was fascinated by the fantasy worlds portrayed in books, films […]

Ourania Markou

Cyprus Comic Con is excited to have Ourania Markou to its Artists’ Alley for CCC19! Ourania is a Cypriot citizen and she completed her studies in animation and FX at Falmouth University in Cornwall, United Kingdom. She decided to return to Cyprus after her graduation to have a break and save money before pursuing a Masters […]

Neil Gibson & Tasos Anastasiades

We proudly welcome TPub‘s Neil Gibson & Tasos Anastasiades who will be featuring their new comic book, “The Traveller” at CCC2019’s Artists’ Alley! “The Traveller” Traveller is a steampunk adventure story set at the turn of the 19th century. Made using cutting-edge 3D modelling combined with traditional hand inking, the story focuses on the greater good and what price we are […]

Yuncumber (Marina Alexikou)

Cyprus comic con wants to welcome Yuncumber (Marina Alexikou) to this year’s Artists’ Alley! Marina is a self-taught artist currently studying something unrelated to art. She always loved watching anime, since her cousin influenced her from a very young age. However, now that she is older she finds herself drawn to the art of manga and comics […]

Mion (Hermionie Antarti)

Mion (Hermionie Antarti) is returning to this year’s Artists’ Alley! Hermionie is a 16 year old self-taught artist. Although she likes using several techniques, she has mostly promoted her digital works since they tend to contain nerdy and geeky aspects. Her art journey started when she started growing an interest in anime, which is what also got […]

Un Sogno (Marianna Pagkratidou & Eleana Vasiliades)

Cyprus Comic Con wants to welcome Marianna Pagkratidou & Eleana Vasiliades to this year’s Artists’ Alley! Un Sogno is a scientific adventure comic written by Marianna Pagkratidou and illustrated by Eleana Vasiliades. Writer Marianna completed her BSc in Education Sciences in Early Childhood at Democritus University of Thrace in 2013. She completed her Master’s degree in […]

Miniature Worlds (Gregory Grozos)

Miniature Worlds (Gregory Grozos)is returning to our Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley! Gregory is a miniature artist and he calls every work he makes a ”miniature world”. He uses small boxes and tiny watch/clock cases to make inside them incredibly detailed miniature scenes, often depicting floating cities, mythical beings, inventors and flying machines. His works […]

Vera Kartalou

Cyprus Comic Con welcomes back author Vera Kartalou to its Artists’ Alley! Vera Kartalou carries writing as a means of expression and creation. She lovespolice procedural, noir aesthetics, fantasy literature and satire. Her work has been distinguished in creative writing competitions organised by well-known publishing houses and her writings have been published in literary collections and electronic journals such […]

Tony Tzanoukakis

Tony Tzanoukakis is returning to Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley! Tony is an Greek Australian artist who has been working as a professional Illustrator for the last 6 years. Born in Australia in 1984 he showed his skills in illustration at the early age of 6 winning the city drawing competition. At the age of […]

Steve Agoto (Steve Chatzidakis)

Steve “Agoto” Chatzidakis is returning back to Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley! Steve Chatzidakis, or “Agoto” as his friends call him, creates art pieces from a very young age. He is a resident of Athens, Greece and he holds a Master of Arts in Graphic Design degree from Middlesex University in London. Despite the fact […]

Dia Does Art (Theodora Antarti)

We want to welcome Dia Does Art (Theodora Antarti) to Cyprus Comic Con 2019’s Artists’ Alley! Theodora is a self-taught hobbyist who likes to draw a lot of fanart. She gets inspired by reading manga and watching animated series and experiencing a good story in books and video games. She occasionally draws short comics with […]

Design By Stavri (Stavri Symeonidou)

We want to welcome back Design By Stavri (Stavri Symeonidou) to Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley! Stavri Symeonidou is a graphic designer and an illustrator based in the city of Limassol, Cyprus. She is a graduate from Frederick University, Cyprus (BA in Graphic and Advertising Design) and the University of the West of England […]

Nightwalker MC (Maria Christina Gantt)

Nightwalker MC (Maria Christina Gantt)is returning back for Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley! Born in Cyprus, Maria has been pursuing her dreams in art ever since at young age. Her passion grew even more after being introduced to the world of video games and various animation series. The curiosity of what it takes to make […]

Marios Ppoulis

Marios Ppoulis is returning back for Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley! Marios is a young 27-year-old artist who is currently based in Larnaca. He discovered his skills in drawing and painting at a very young age. Through the years, he has competed in a variety of art-related competitions for drawing and painting. He completed his studies […]

Kostas Nikellis

Kostas Nikellis is returning back for Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley! Kostas was born in Athens, Greece, where he currently resides and works. He is a professional illustrator and computer games graphics designer, while in the past he had worked as a computer programmer and analyst. His works have been published both in Greece and abroad, […]

Costis Papatheodorou

We want to welcome Costis Papatheodorou to Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley! Costis Papatheodorou is a Greek artist  based in Athens. He started working as an art director in ad agencies for international and regional clients. He soon realised that what he really wanted to do was to become an illustrator. Costis achieved his dream and has […]

By Trial and Error (Flor Theodosiou)

By Trial and Error (Flor Theodosiou) is returning back for Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley! Flor is a 22 year old freelance illustrator, animator, and student of the Fine Arts, as well as a helpless audiophile. A consistent note throughout her work, is the concentrated over-processing of the media she uses, challenging the balance of traditional composition […]

Ermina Emmanouel

Ermina Emmanouel is returning back for Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley! Ermina was born in Nicosia in 1992 where she now lives and works. She studied Fine Arts in Italy, at Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino and then completed a Master’s degree in Graphic Communication in Cyprus at the Cyprus University of Technology. Right after her studies […]

Approtis (Fares Zoghlami & Nicholas O’Callaghan)

Approtis is returning back for Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley! Approtis is a collaboration between Fares Zoghlami (artist) and Nicholas O’Callaghan (social media promoter). Fares Zoghlami is a 21-year-old half Tunisian, half British artist and illustrator. He has worked on numerous projects over the past five years, including album designs for the bands The Two Thieves and The […]

Copper Mouflon (Christopher Demetriou & Stella Violari)

Copper Mouflon are returning to the Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley! Copper Mouflon is a cooperation between a writer, Christopher Demetriou, and an illustrator, Stella Violari,  both passionate about creating comics, who want to share their stories with the world THE WRITER Christopher Demetriou, proclaims a passion for stories of all types and is always on the […]

Anastasia Kozlova

Anastasia Kozlova is returning back for Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley! Born in Latvia and raised on the shore of the non-freezing port of the Baltic Sea, Anastasia moved to Cyprus with her family approximately 6 or 7 years ago. As a child, around the age of eight years old, she attended private classes […]

Anna Miltiadou

We want to welcome Anna Miltiadou to Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley! Anna studied Graphic & Advertising Design and furthered her education by earning a Masters in Illustration. Her work is colourful and cheeky and is inspired by her everyday surroundings, pop culture and everything over, under and in between. The main project she’s been working […]

Andreani Soupashi

Andreani Soupashi is returning back for Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley! Andreani is a Cyprus-born freelance artist, currently living in the UK. She grew up with a pencil in her hand, drawing whatever interested her at any given moment, mostly horses and cartoons. At the age of four, she enrolled in art classes where she was […]