Vasilis Gerkou

Cyprus Comic Con wants to welcome Vasilis Gerkou to its Artists’ Alley!

Vasilis is 25 years old and he comes from Greece. He says that painting is his life. He started to draw when he was small kid and he loves to draw comic, characters, worlds, concept arts and generally illustrations…but his biggest love is comics. He is self-taught and he is continuing to learn by himself! Everyday he is doing travels with his pencils in the fantastic infinity with a lot of adventures! He has been in many exhibitions so far and he worked in many projects as a comic artist ,illustrator and concept artist. Some of the most recent ones includes the comic book ‘Runaround’ for the Pixabit entertainment and the last 7 months he has been working as a creative director, concept artist and illustrator in Adidas projects!!

Make sure to visit Vasilis’ deviantart page, Facebook and Instagram to see more of his work.