Steve Agoto (Steve Chatzidakis)

Steve “Agoto” Chatzidakis is returning back to Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley!

Steve Chatzidakis, or “Agoto” as his friends call him, creates art pieces from a very young age. He is a resident of Athens, Greece and he holds a Master of Arts in Graphic Design degree from Middlesex University in London.

Despite the fact he hasn’t participated in any art conventions before, he has tons of my work published since 2011, when he started working at the daily newspaper “Chrimatistirio” (Motor Press) and later as an Illustrator for kid’s books edited by Bookstars Publishing – a collaboration that holds until this day.

Currently, he is pursuing a career as a freelancer, in the fields of corporate identity, typesetting and desktop publishing but his passion is being and has always been, to draw comics and Illustrate by using both traditional and digital media. Right now, he’s working on his “secret” comic project while he is taking part into as many ComicCons as he can. His future goal is to put together a team in order that they co-create their own comic universe.

Visit Steve’s website and Facebook to see more samples of his work!