Artist Profile: Vera Kartalou

Cyprus Comic Con welcomes author Vera Kartalou to this year’s Artists’ Alley!

Vera Kartalou carries writing as a means of expression and creation. She loves police narrative, noir aesthetics, fantasy literature and satire. Her work has been distinguished in creative writing competitions organised by well-known publishing houses and her writings have been published in literary collections and electronic journals. She is the founder of the literature page 121 λέξεις (121 words).

Her first book was published in 2016 and was titled “Ο Μπάσταρδος και το μεγάλο κόλπο του Νότου” (“The Bastard and the great stunt of the North”) with the support of 120 λέξεις. It is a police adventure novella with intense action and subversive heroes that are accompanies by 8 noir illustrations by Costas Pantoulas, while the world map was illustrated by Nicos Papamichael.

Vera has collaborated with several comic book artists as a script-writer for published works such as “Αιώνια Καταδίκη 1 & 2”, “Biography”, “12 Νοσηρές Ιστορίες” and “Ο Βρυκόλακας Θανάσης Βάγιας”, while others such as “Σήψη”, “Batman”, “Dark Heroes”, “Μην Πας”, “Evolution is a Bitch” and “Game of Bones”, were showcased in comic book exhibitions in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Visit Vera’s website to see for more of her work.

In the last few years, she has coordinated and participated in several group exhibitions, including “Διάψευσε Το”, “The Proust Effect”, “V for Versality”, “Βρώμικες Ιστορίες της Πόλης”, “Ενός Κακού Μύρια Έπονται” and “Όπου και να ταξιδέψω η Ελλάδα με πληγώνει”.

She has attended physical theatre and direction seminars, where she took part in theatrical performances both as an actress and assistant director. In May 2015, she wrote and directed the 3D Comic Performance tiled “Πορεία στο αδιέξοδο” that was presented at Τρένο στο Ρούφ as part of the festival “Τα 12 Κουπέ”.

Lastly, she has collaborated with literary associations for the organising of events, seminars and literary competitions, as well as with the Women’s Counseling Support Center for the Municipality of Keratsini-Drapetsona for the interactive social action “Πνίξε την Βία” (“Choke the Violence”) which informed and raised public awareness of the fight against all forms of violence.