Artist Profile: Stephanie Nicolaou

Meet the next Featured Artist to showcase their work at CCC16, illustrator and painter Stephanie Nicolaou!

Stephanie was born in Limassol in 1991. Ever since she a young age, she had a passion with visual arts, so after her final year at S.Antonis High School, she followed her dream to study Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. It was an amazing 3 years of experience, where she was exposed to new things, people and places through her studies and travels all around Europe. In September 2012 she submitted her final project for my Diploma, titled “The psychology of the non-verbal communication: The expression of felicity”, and was passed with flying colors.

To see more of Stephanie’s work, visit her page on Facebook.

After Italy, she returned to Cyprus and started working at Zorpas bakery as a sales person, which was not really what she had wanted for herself. After two and a half years she quit that job and started working as a waitress, then as kitchen assistant and bartender at a coffeeshop. Life wasn not easy for Stephanie after graduating, but she didn’t give up.

In 2014, she traveled to Slovakia for a Hitech Music Festival, where she saw for the first time how amazing UV glowing decoration was for a night party. This inspired her and she started creating cartoon paintings with UV colors that can glow under the blacklight. That was the beginning of her crazy crew that she named “Completely Fried Mind – KFM” which aims to create imagery of crazy and sometimes creepy cartoons!