Artist Profile: Simina Onofrei

Meet our next Featured Artist, young illustrator Simina Onofrei!

Simina is a 21 year old, self-taught artist from Romania, who’s been drawing since childhood. She first started drawing when only 3-4 years old! Simina mostly focuses on designing her own, original characters and writing stories with those said characters. She has her own custom, cartoony style that she has developed over the years, but she can also replicate different, existing styles if required by a project’s guidelines.

Visit Simina’s profile on DeviantArt to see more samples of her work.

For several years now, Simina has been working on a story that she one day plans on turning into a series of video games. She created the main character when she was only but a child, but has been evolving it over the years up to this day. She aspires to one day be a successful video game designer, and express her ideas, concepts and style in an interactive way.