Artist Profile: Naya Kozlova

Meet Naya Kozlova, an upcoming young illustrator that will be showcasing her work at Cyprus Comic Con 2016!

Naya was born in Latvia, raised on the shore of the non-freezing port of the Baltic Sea, moved to Cyprus for family reasons approximately 6-7 years ago. As a kid, around eight years old, she used to attend private classes of a local artist. That did not last long – her dog was not quite as fond of an enthusiastic young girl as you would expect it to be. Thus art became a hobby and English along with normal school subjects became priority.

Follow Naya’s work on her Youtube, Instagram and Tumblr profiles, as well as her Facebook feed.

Fortunately, Naya says, if art lives within you, it never leaves you. There were doodles in class notebooks, copy sketches from local shop supplies of W.I.T.C.H. magazines and, finally, a music channel that showed “Chobits” and “Chrono Crusade” in the evening. Later came Internet and the wonders of Studio Ghibli along with more doodles in class notebooks. Ivy can remember well, that no one could really figure out whether to shout at her, because her grades were good despite the fact that half of my notebooks looked like manga.

Somehow, drawing never became a job for Naya. Completely self-trained in arts, finishing a diploma in Communications, she continued working in an office, meanwhile establishing an Instagram profile and a YouTube channel. She is currently working on a story with original characters and filming sketchbook reviews in Russian and English, part-time designing tattoos.

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  1. Lenka

    One of the best upcoming artists in this industry. Watch out of her!
    Amazjng girl amazing talent))

  2. Valerie

    I am so looking forward to meeting her. Her art is awesome. She is such an inspiration!

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