Artist Profile: Natalie Pavlidou

Cyprus Comic Con welcomes illustrator Natalie Pavlidou to it’s Artists’ Alley!

Natalie is a freelance illustrator and concept artist. Her interest lies in fantasy art with a personal focus on environmental design. She is intrigued by the idea of creating worlds and setting mood and emotion into a landscape painting. She currently works as a digital artist and likes to work in a painterly style. Ever since childhood she was always drawn to video games – from adventure games, to fantasy RPG – which played an important role and had a huge impact on her current art style.

Although her education background comes from a different field of art, as she graduated with a Bachelor of Music, she could not ignore the fact that she was so much drawn to drawing. She would find herself spending most of her free time admiring artwork, until she finally took the decision to study art. It didn’t take long for the hobby to become a passion and she decided to pursue a career as an illustrator. Her main goal for the future is to keep getting better and improving, work with certain studios and generally grow as an artist.

Visit Natalie’s website and page on DeviantArt to see more images of her work!