Artist Profile: Ilektra Chrysanthou

Today’s Featured Artist for Cyprus Comic Con 2016 is Ilektra Chrysanthou!

Ilektra is a 3D artist and animator with a special love for digital painting, who also frequently returns to smearing paint on canvas. While growing up, she would often immerse herself in books, galloping alongside the wizards and dragons of her childhood imagination. It was that love for storytelling and drawing which drove her to study Digital Film & Screen Arts (2010-2013) at the University for the Creative Arts (U.K.).

To see more of Ilektra’s work, visit her website.

Since then, she has taken an active part in festivals such as Animafest Cyprus and Baltijos Banga in Lithunania to spread her joy for animation. Born into the digital age, she continues to develop as a digital artist through self-teaching, working in multidisciplinary projects.

Her work includes motion graphics for the documentary film The Great Goddess of Cyprus, 3d printed facial expressions for the stop-motion animation Fishwitch, facial animation for the VR video-game Pixel Ripped, TV spots as part of the fire prevention campaign for P.I.O., as well as a promotional video for the urban festival Imagine the Roads.

Ilektra is incredibly talented and we cannot wait to see what she is going to showcase at the upcoming convention!