Artist Profile: Hermioni Antarti

Talented illustrator Hermioni Antarti is the latest addition to this year’s Artists’ Alley!

Hermioni is currently still studying at school and is a self taught artist. She says she never really liked the idea of going to art school or having private lessons, but still had an interest in art and therefore started learning from a very young age with the help of her good friend, the internet! At first she got inspired from watching anime and cartoons and this reflected in her art style. Through anime, she learnt a lot about body proportions and proceeded on to creating more realistic drawings after that. What generally inspires her now is video games, cartoons, music, movies or the work of other artists! She likes to work with a great deal of materials, however lately she has been primarily experimenting with digital art.

Make sure to visit Hermione’s Facebook page to see more of her work!

Currently, Hermioni is working on a few projects including drawing Pokemon into human-like forms, her own comic book, various fan art and her own original ideas. In past projects she has also painted on walls in her school and done quite a few logo and poster ideas for some of her friends. She also tried taking animals and turning them into pin up girls, because why not? She doesn’t have any specific goals for the future just yet, other than creating art that inspires people (no matter how cheesy that may sound!). After completing her studies, she wishes to pursue art professionally, but is not sure in which field yet!

We wish Hermione the best of luck with her artistic endeavours and we are confident that she will grow to become a great professional artist one day!