Artist Profile: Heba Rena Yassin

Heba Rena Yassin is 22 years old and currently based in Limassol, Cyprus. She completed her degree in BA Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire in United Kingdom, which she graduated with First Class honours and is now doing a Masters degree in Digital Art and Design at The University of Nicosia.

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Heba has been interested in comics, books, anime and manga since a very young age. She purchased her very first graphics tablet around the age of 14-15. Since then, she discovered that having a background in Fine Art is really helpful with digital work, as it allows her to apply certain techniques to her work that she learned from traditional drawing and painting. Having always been interested in narrative, she now writes her own stories and illustrates them.

Heba will be presenting her own comic along with some of her digital creations at this year’s Comic Con.

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