Artist Profile: Heba Rena Yassin

Meet our next Featured ArtistHeba Rena Yassin, a 23-year old illustrator from Sutton, Surrey, UK.

Heba was born on a cold winters day in Sutton, Surrey on the 2nd of December. She grew up in sunny Limassol, Cyprus. She was a very small baby, but her zeal for life was strong and little did she know that she would grow to be the artist that she is today!

To see more of Heba’s work, visit her page on Facebook, DeviantArt and her personal blog!

Heba had a passion for art, comics, books, anime and manga since she was very young. She graduated with First Class in BA Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire, UK and also completed a Masters degree in Digital Art and Design at the University of Nicosia. Currently she is living in the UK and pursuing a freelance career and applying for a PhD.

She purchased her first graphics tablet when I was 14 and has been creating her own stories and illustrations ever since. The majority of her work now is digitally created, and she believes that her background in Fine Art enables her to apply different techniques to her digital work.

Heba strongly believes that you can do anything with hard work and determination. She says “all you need is love for what you do”. She created a life motto for herself made up of three ”P’s”: Practice, Persistence and Patience, to remind her to never give up and to always do her best!