Artist Profile: Gregory Grozos

Meet our next Featured Artist, miniature world creator Gregory Grozos!

Gregory is a multidisciplinary artist working in a variety of formats including sculpture, drawing and jewelry. He studied in the TEI Graphic Design Department of Athens and the Athens School of Fine Arts. He has participated in a number of art fairs and group exhibitions and had his first solo exhibition in Athens in 2012. He is currently residing and working in Cyprus. His Limassol studio and showroom are the physical extension of his brand “Micro – Miniature Works“, an ongoing project focused on exploring and expanding the technical and creative capacities of miniature art.

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The initial idea behind his latest series of artworks was to find a way to make a miniature world small enough so that one could carry on him or her. Through trial and error it evolved into developing a series of miniature artwork and jewelry. In a ring one can find enclosed an entire miniature landscape or a pendant that is a miniature room with tiny figures and furniture. He also delves a lot into the area of fantasy and steampunk, such as tiny inventors working on tiny machinery and miniature mechanical robots under small glass domes.