Artist Profile: Elias Neophytou

Today’s Featured Artist is Cypriot illustrator and comic book artist Elias Neophytou!

Discover more of Elias’ work on his Facebook page and DeviantArt.

Elias Neophytou was born in 1995 in Limassol, Cyprus. He developed a love for art and drawing from a very young age. He quickly discovered his passion for comics and set his goal to become a comic book artist and illustrator. Elias always tries to combine a unique and aesthetically interesting style with vastly realistic portrayal of characters and places. He loves traditional inking methods with ink and brushes,as well as using pens. His favorite coloring method is using watercolours.

Elias is currently studying at the Cyprus University of Technology in the Graphics and Multimedia department. He is also collaborating with a friend of his, Adonis Papapavlou, on the creation of a Greek comic book with the first few samples of the first issue being already printed, that he plans on showcasing at Cyprus Comic Con 2016!
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