Artist Profile: Dani

Cyprus Comic Con 2015 will feature an incredible gathering of talented local and international artists! We know you are curious to get to know them and look at their work, which is why we decided to make use of the time we have until the event to introduce them to you!

The first creative we are proud to feature on our website is called Dani, a comic book artist from Athens, Greece. You can follow Dani’s work on Facebook and Instagram.

“Dani was born in Athens, Greece in 1992 and she is currently a student at Athens School of Fine Arts. She has been making comics for quite a while now and has participated in a number of exhibitions, competitions and conventions over the years. Dani is the creator and designer of Tales from the Strips, a self-published series that won the People’s Choice Award at the Greek Comics Awards 2015. She loves her cats and travelling around the world.”

Dani will be one of the featured artists at this year’s Cyprus Comic Con and we are very excited to have her!

Are you looking forward to seeing more of Dani’s work this August? Let us know in the comments below!