Artist Profile: Chrysso Vassiliou

Chrysso Vassiliou is a talented young artist from Larnaca. At 22 years old, she is still a student and currently studying Fine Arts at Alexander College. Her online nickname is “Chryssv”.

For more of Chrysso’s work, visit her page on DeviantArt and Facebook.

Chrysso is a self-taught digital artist and only started experimenting with digital drawing media around 1-2 years ago. Her dream is to become a professional videogame illustrator and concept artist. She currently works for commissioned work and sells her digital paintings. Her style is primarily inspired by cartoon and videogame culture, movies, comics, Western animation as well as Japanese anime.

We are very excited to see more local young talent featuring at this year’s convention! We hope you are also looking forward to see more of Chrysso’s work in August! Leave us a comment below!

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