Artist Profile: Christis Christoforou (Reddo)

Christis Christoforou (also known as Reddo) is a young, aspiring manga artist currently based in Limassol. Christis likes using traditional media for his drawings, but recently he has started exploring digital drawing media as well and is currently working hard at improving his skills at manga art.

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Nowadays, Christis is preparing to travel to Japan in order to study Japanese and attempt to obtain a place in Shonen Jump or Kodansha Comics, which has been his dream for a long time now. Naturally, he is also interested in getting into the gaming industry and work for game design art.

Christis has gathered a team to work on his own idea for a game, which unfortunately he won’t have ready in time for Cyprus Comic Con 2015, but he tells us it will definitely be worth waiting for!

So, maybe CCC’16? We will be looking forward to it!

We are confident that manga fans at this year’s convention will love Christis’ work! Are you looking forward to seeing more of his manga art this coming August? Let us know in a comment below!