Artist Profile: Noy Kamarin Vered

Our next Featured Artist for CCC17’s Artists’ Alley is Noy Kamarin Vered, also known as Bakaneko33!

Noy Kamarin is a 19-year old artist who constantly strives for perfection in her art and to develop her own unique style. She is currently a character designer for Yandere Dev and while she is primarily self-taught, she did attend art school for a few years. Her dream and personal goal is to become a source of inspiration for other artists, old or new, to inspire them to follow their hearts and open up to new ideas, as well as to learn to develop their own unique style.

She describes her drawing style as rather special and colourful, but at the same time a bit dark, similar to the way of how she sees the world around her. She takes a lot of her inspiration from Japanese guro manga artist Shintaro Kago and aims to become as iconic as him in the future!

If you are a fan of Bakaneko33’s work, you can follow her on Facebook and support her work on Patreon and RedBubble.