Artist Profile: Antonia Fasching (Retromissile)

Antonia Fasching is 25 years old and a self-trained artist, currently based in Bonn, Germany.

Antonia is currently working as an office assistant but her true passion is definitely art. As an amateur artist, she taught herself everything she knows and is still learning and improving her skills!

For more of Antonia’s work, visit her webcomic page Ampere and follow her on DeviantArt.

Growing up, Antonia mostly enjoyed watching cartoons and reading comics, from which she still gets her most of her inspiration. When she was 12 years old and old enough to play videogames, she discovered drawing and was able to put down all the ideas in her head, onto the paper. Heavily inspired by videogames and movies, she started drawing and creating her own characters and developed her own fantasy worlds.

Antonia developed her drawing style by experimenting with new media, both traditional and digital art, realistic drawing and studying anatomy. She favours digital art the most and her main focus is Sci-Fi cartoon and comic art.

Today, Antonia is a freelance artist, focusing on character design (especially aliens!), world building and illustrations. She writes her own stories and is currently working on her personal webcomic project ‘Ampere’, which she is going to present at Cyprus Comic Con 2015!

We were blown away by Antonia’s illustrations and we can’t wait to see what she will prepare for us this coming August!

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