Artist Profile: Anna Cosma

Anna Cosma is returning to Cyprus Comic Con for another year as one of our Featured Artists!

Anna is a self-taught and self-employed illustrator from Nicosia, Cyprus. Drawing has been a consistent part of her life from a very young age. After years of teaching herself and practicing, she decided to pursue art as a career rather than a hobby. She studied for a year at an art school in Nicosia, Cyprus, learning basic techniques and figure drawing, eventually moving onto developing her own style of intricate patterns and dotwork.

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Anna’s work is presented in the form of custom tattoo designs, and printed t-shirts which I have sold at various festivals here in Cyprus. Her latest project has been a yoga book illustration which will be
published in 2016, and she is currently in the process of planning and
developing her own clothing brand which will feature her designs. Her
main objective is to learn the art of tattooing, and to one day be able to tattoo her own artwork!