Artist Profile: Alfredo Retamar

Alfredo Retamar was born in 1983 in the city of Villaguay, Entre Rios province, in Argentina. At the age of three, his family moved to Tandil, Buenos Aires. His passion for comics started the minute he learned how to read, followed by his first doodles of favourite characters.

Check out Alfredo’s fanzine, Líder Negativo!

Alfredo started making his own comics when he was in high school. During the year of 2000, he attended to a comic book workshop where he learned how to put some order to the chaotic creative process. Around that time, he also experimented with self-taught 2D short animations. His work is mostly influenced by books, comics, movies, music, the news, among other story starters and life itself.

After an impasse of a couple of years without writing or drawing anything, Alfredo started a fanzine in 2008 that continues up to the present: Líder Negativo. The fanzine showcases the work of some of Alfredo’s friends and fellow artists, as well as his own work.

Currently, Alfredo is working on various projects to be published in Argentina.

Alfredo has prepared a short animation to celebrate his participation at Cyprus Comic Con 2015 and his comics travelling across the world to reach us!

Although Alfredo can’t be with us in person at this year’s convention, his artwork and copies of Líder Negativo will be available in the artists’ section, so keep an eye out for his dedicated table on the day!

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