Leonidas “Steve” Stivaktis

Cyprus Comic Con is excited to have artist Leonidas “Steve” Stivaktis to its Artists’ Alley for this year’s event!

Steve first took up a pencil when his grandma taught him how to draw daisies, and he’s never put it down since then. He studied comic art and illustration in Onerakis School of Applied Arts in Athens, creative writing in the Kapodistrian University of Athens, and he’s currently taking more classes on writing and ancient Greek theatre.

He’s been working in the field of illustration since 2008, and since then he has illustrated several books for children and teachers, the pen and paper roleplaying game “The Small Folk” for Fate, and he used to make queer comics for Antivirus magazine. He’s happiest when he self-publishes his comics and takes them from convention to convention in Greece and Europe, which he has been doing with great success since 2013.

He’s most known for his comics “Esmé”, “The Monsters in the Closet”, and “Skitsouxtra” / “Jellinkfish”, and currently he’s working on concept art for tabletop roleplaying games, a graphic novel about growing up queer in 90’s Athens, and several science fantasy stories, both as comics and alternative media.

The past couple of years, he’s been making Dungeons and Dragons designs, both official and as a fan. In convention circles, he’s often known as “that sticker guy”. In the rare occasions when he’s not working, you can find him playing D&D, reading inside buses or trains, petting dogs, or thinking how bummed he is that he’s not currently working or petting dogs.

You can follow Steve’s Instagram to see more of his work!