Jean V. Hiol & George Charalampous

Cyprus Comic Con wants to welcome Jean V. Hiol & George Charalampous to its Artists’ Alley!

Jean Valery Hiol studied Graphic Design at European Univercity Cyprus. He got into illustrations and comics after his studies and did some small projects. He is interested in learning always new things and collaborating with other artists. His style is non realistic, surreal and cartoonish.

To see more of Jean’s individual work you can visit his Instagram.

George Charalampous was born in 1993 and he is an artist from Cyprus. He studied at the University of the West of England (Alexander College) and got a degree in Fine Arts. George also obtained a BTEC Foundation DIploma in art and design from Aigaia School of Art & Design.

To see more of George’s individual work here.

Jean and George united their work and formed a team by the time they started to act as a team in various other matters and experiences as well; like the vagrant actions in the streets of the neighbourhood, the weird scenes they faced, the solutions they found, the injustices and discrimination they went through and their drunken night. In other words, simply life. Their primary interest is the portrayal of unique and atypical art and not necessarily the “pretty” and “aesthetic”, nor the industrial and commercial side of art. We imagine a form of art that is free and spontaneous in terms of expression and style, and unrestricted by meaning and essence. Some are portraying bizarre dreams and others are just paper-pads containing fragmented nightmares of our sleep. A number of them are childhood traumas, phobias and fears, drunken thoughts and others just comforting fantasies and illusions from lousy conversations.