Mion (Hermionie Antarti)

Mion (Hermionie Antarti) is returning to this year’s Artists’ Alley!

Hermionie is a 16 year old self-taught artist. Although she likes using several techniques, she has mostly promoted her digital works since they tend to contain nerdy and geeky aspects. Her art journey started when she started growing an interest in anime, which is what also got her into the culture.

She slowly started developing a fondness for artists such as Hayao Miyazaki or even more well known artists such as Van Gogh. Moreover, a big inspiration for Hermionie’s art-style would be Audra Auclair who mixes the geeky and cartoon like style with more traditional aspects.

As far as her current projects, she mainly draws her own creations in a traditional style but she can never seem to get rid of the tendency to draw some fan-art once in a while! She generally likes drawing characters with her own interpretation but of course sometimes she draws just for the fun of it!

Make sure to visit Hermione’s Instagram and Facebook to see more of her work!