By Trial and Error (Flor Theodosiou)

By Trial and Error (Flor Theodosiou) is returning back for Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley!

Flor is a 22 year old freelance illustrator, animator, and student of the Fine Arts, as well as a helpless audiophile. A consistent note throughout her work, is the concentrated over-processing of the media she uses, challenging the balance of traditional composition and inviting the eye to a trip of linear chaos and aggravating colour.

Sometimes, if she’s listening to music, she may forget what it is she’s drawing altogether and end up with a dense mass of clean visual frustration. Furthermore, apart from the obvious influence that pop culture strikes, via films, books and video games, Flor finds inspiration in the classic fairy tales of old, and escape in creating stories of her own. She is endlessly fascinated by the symbolism, the extremities and the creepy themes in such tales, sometimes even venturing into horror-related territory.

Something that never really changed in Flor’s practice is her preference to work traditionally, although sometimes digital aid is unavoidable and ultimately very effective in adding another layer of complexity to her work. Nevertheless, she feels that in the recent year, the technical aspect behind her style has changed into a process that’s almost meditative in its repetition, and a bit masochistic too. She enjoys experimenting with different media and techniques in order to discover new effects that she can marry together, finding the experience immersive and reassuring.

To see more of Flor’s amazing artwork, check her Facebook and Instagram!

Nowadays, Flor is working on completing her studies at a local college and getting her BA in Fine Arts, while simultaneously doing freelance work with her partner, Fares Zoghlami (aka Approtis) whom she typically displays her work alongside to– both in the 4th Cyprus Comicon’s Artist Alley, in 2017, and The Eyekon in 2018. They have collaborated together on past pieces, but are currently working on several individual entries for an oncoming comic anthology, together with various other writers and artists.