Arinela Kociko

Our next Featured Artist is young illustrator Arinela Kociko!

Arinela is currently studying History & Philosophy of Science at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She loved painting from an early age and in the last couple of years, she began experimenting with creating comics. She attended freehand drawing lessons as well comic book design seminars at Ornerakis School of Arts and subsequently joined their 3-year comic book program as of this year. In the past, she had taken part in two group art exhibitions in Athens.  More recently, she participated in the group comic book exhibition “Όπου και να ταξιδέψω η Ελλάδα με πληγώνει” (“Everywhere I go, Greece hurts me”), having as inspiration the famous verse of George Seferis’ poem, “Με τον τρόπο του Γ.Σ” (“In G.S.’ way”).

Make sure to visit Arinela’s profile on DeviantArt!