Anna Cosma

Cyprus Comic Con is excited to announce the return of Anna Cosma to CCC19 Artists’ Alley!

Anna was born and raised in Nicosia. Art and specifically illustration has been a prominent part of her life since childhood. She learned how to draw through trial and error, although after receiving academic training under the guidance of a reputable art school in Nicosia, she began to refine her skills and develop a style that it is her goal to master.

Anna is heavily influenced by tattoo culture and illustration, something which led her to learning the art of tattooing. She has been tattooing since the beginning of 2018, and her art style has evolved along with her tattoos. In both illustration and tattooing Anna has specialised in dot-work, with subjects ranging from illustrative monsters to geometric mandalas, and more recently pop culture portraits. She works almost exclusively in black ink. Alongside tattooing she has been involved in art shows and festivals around Cyprus, selling printed t-shirts and prints of her artwork. Other than tattooing, her goals for this year include creating a tattoo-inspired clothing brand for her art, with select dot-work pieces that represent her art style.

Visit Anna’s Facebook and Instagram to see more of her work!