Andreani Soupashi

Andreani Soupashi is returning back for Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley!

Andreani is a Cyprus-born freelance artist, currently living in the UK. She grew up with a pencil in her hand, drawing whatever interested her at any given moment, mostly horses and cartoons. At the age of four, she enrolled in art classes where she was taught the basic disciplines of drawing, painting and sketching. These classes lasted for eight years and helped spark her passion for design, illustration and comics. In elementary and high school, she took small design jobs such as creating posters and illustrations for various school events and selling artwork for charity.

She also designed costumes, props and sets for school plays. Her lifetime dream is to become a video game designer and she set this dream in motion while working for her GCSE exams. For her projects, she delved into character design, scriptwriting, concept art and animation, getting a taste of the industry in the process. During this time, she taught herself several programs including Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and ZBrush. Her art style evolved, transforming from colour to atmospheric greyscale, but her passion for painting fantasy creatures and fierce warriors never wavered. At this point in time, Andreani is in her third year of her Computer Science degree, spending long hours on her dissertation and assignments. In the sparse time she has for drawing, she focuses on improving her work, discovering new techniques and tackling challenges that will help make her a better artist.

To see more of Andreani’s concept art, visit her website.