Andreani Soupashi

Andreani Soupashi is a Cyprus-born artist, who focuses on digital art and illustration.

She started out young, taking art lessons and scribbling in school notebooks in black ballpoint pen.

Her favourite subjects include horses, cowboys, warriors and birds. When she’s not working on original art, she likes to illustrate heroes from tv shows and movies, focusing on characters with an inherent darkness and internal struggle.

Her signature style used to be grayscale but recently she overcame her fear of colour and dived right in. Despite having doors open to pursue an artistic degree, Andreani chose to study Computer Science in the UK.

While working through her course, she learned about graphics and game engines and discovered new and exciting ways to produce art. After completing her degree in 2019, Andreani moved back to Cyprus where she works professionally as a front end web developer. In her free time, she builds websites and dabbles in game development, embroidery and sewing, always seeking new avenues to express and challenge herself.

Like a lonesome cowboy, she opts for solo, commission-based work while enriching her more technical projects with the artistic skills she has gained through the years.

To see more of Andreani’s work make sure to visit her Tumblr page.