Arcanum Comics

Marios Yiangou (writer), Demetres Panayides (artist), Rami Abdo (editor)

Arcanum Comics is a collaborative project between friends, created to explore the unlimited storytelling potential of the world of comic books while producing other iconic merchandise in the process. After self-publishing the first installment of DÆMONIUM in 2017 (a horror story set in Cyprus) the collective was established as a unique brand to produce further titles under the Arcanum label.

The DÆMONIUM series tells the story of Marc Skoteinos, a guilt-ridden and traumatized ex-magician condemned to Hell, struggling with his addictions to magic, alcohol and drugs while trying to lead a sober life with his family. At the same time Hell mobilizes its minions on Earth to find him after he discovers an ancient spell that hides him from their radar.

You can find Arcanum Comics’ work on their page on Instagram.