Announcing Cyprus Comic Con 2024 presented by ECOMMBX

Cyprus Comic Con 2024 Banner presented by ECOMMBX

Cyprus Comic Con 2024
presented by ECOMMBX

Ten years since it all began we are tremendously proud to announce Cyprus Comic Con 2024 presented by headline sponsors ECOMMBX!

We’re happy to announce that ticket prices will remain the same as 2023! Support us by being an early bird!

  • Single Day Ticket – €10
  • Weekend Ticket – €15
  • Early Access Ticket (one hour early access and limited edition t-shirt) – €50
  • *New* VIP Ticket (one hour early access and limited edition t-shirt plus three special guest tokens) – €100

Word has it the sooner you order your CCC tickets the more chance a sequel be made for your favourite TV show, movie, game or anime that ended abruptly and you can never forget. :’) Firefly fans… you get me…

Dates: Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th October 2024 [opening ceremony on Friday 4th October 2024]
Times: 10:00-00:00 (early access and VIP tickets allow access from 09:00, indoor halls close at 21:00, outdoor festival and other scheduled activities continue until midnight)
Place: Cyprus State Fair (Kratiki Ekthesi)

Hey you! Yeah you with the face! Smash the button and invite your friends, enemies and pomeranian dog warriors to help spread the word! Let’s make this the most friend-filled funnest fritata of a CCC ever!

Cyprus Comic Con’s Very First Opening Ceremony

For the very first time Cyprus Comic Con will kick off with an opening ceremony on the evening of Friday 4th October 2024. Free for all to attend you can expect a night of live music, food, drink, cheer and para para dancing turtle ninjas as well as a very, very special surprise!


Thinking of cosplaying? Just opened a brand new Bananaman-themed widget emporium? Do you scribble and wibble artistically? Maybe you play them power chords better than the next mulleted human being? Or perhaps you’re the very first human being in Cyprus (well… second or tenth) who fancies themselves as the next great Korean food forger (please… we need bibimbap and kimchi pancakes at the food court this year). SIGN UP FOR A BOOTH OR LET US KNOW YOU EXIST NOW!

Now for a little existential meandering moment… it’s all time and space. By signing up you’re asking for time and space at CCC. If you get a booth it’s all about time AND space… if you’re performing it’s mostly about time and the space is shared. :’) But one thing is certain – both are in limited supply and signups have sneakily been open since January so you should probably hurry and fill in the form.

Cyprus Comic Con returns larger than ever with all of the usual features and activities and more;

  • Artist Alley [more seats for artists – *support local*]
  • Creative Corridor [bazaar got an upgrade plus more seats – *support even more local*]
  • Special Guests [loooooooaaaaads of them]
  • Limit Break Gaming [w o a h ]
  • Mediterranean Cosplay Championship [le 2nd – get crafting]
  • CCC Cosplay Masquerade [strike a pose]
  • Tabletop & Hobby Zone [roll a dice, paint your finger with an airbrush]
  • KIDS & STEM Zone [pew pew laser beams]
  • Medieval Zone [swing that broadsword!]
  • Film Festival [spoons anyone?]
  • Pro Wrestling [it’s time to rumble]
  • Live Stage Music & Entertainment [power chords everywhere]
  • Food & Drink Outdoor Festival [more seats, more nom noms]
  • Booths & Experiences [so many o_o omagah]
  • and even more to come [wait wat?]

We cannot wait to meet you all again at our post-apocalyptic homestead – the Cyprus State Fair (Kratiki Ekthesi).