CCC Official Cosplay Rules & Guidelines 2015

Cyprus Comic Con is a family event that encourages costumes. It is necessary to balance the desire of some of our attendees to accurately portray characters or display items from their collections with the safety of our attendees of all ages, the concerns of the police and local authorities, the terms of the venue, and conditions of the insurers.

To ensure rules compliance, a costume and weapon check will be performed on every cosplayer entering the event.

Cyprus Comic Con reserves the right to confiscate props or withdraw access to the event without refund (if applicable), to anyone deemed to be breaking the following rules. At their discretion, Cyprus Comic Con may alternatively grant dispensation for a costume, weapon or prop usually forbidden by these rules.

Attires & Costumes

  • No nudity. Indecent exposure is unacceptable nor are fake, costume, or prosthetic genitalia allowed on display.
  • Skimpy costumes are permitted. An amount of coverage comparable to typical swimwear is fine. If planning a skimpy or delicate costume it is recommended that you take extra precautions beneath the costume to avoid exposing yourself.
  • Any attendee wearing a bulky costume, or one with poor visibility, should have a handler available to escort him/her. Please ensure bulky costumes are properly ventilated to prevent heat stroke.

Weapons & Props

  • Any weapons or replica weapons that are either banned outright or subject to any restrictions from being carried OR sold in this country should not be brought by attendees regardless of any special licences, club memberships or training.
  • Projectile weapons (including water pistols, nerf, bb or airsoft guns) must be disabled and unloaded.
  • Realistic-looking weapons should be marked with an orange safety tip indicating that they are fake.
  • Bladed weapons (such as swords, daggers or ninja stars) or props/costume parts which are sharp or pointy enough to cut or pierce someone with moderate pressure will be confiscated. Otherwise, (if possible) they will be peace-bonded (zip-tied to their cases) to prevent them from being unsheathed. Violation of a peace-bind will result in confiscation.
  • Solid props which are heavy enough to bludgeon someone with a moderate force swing should be handled with care.
  • Attendees will not brandish, point, flail, play-fight, run with, or use their prop in offensive manner. Any weapon used as such will be confiscated.
  • Confiscated weapons and props will be held at the cosplay booth until the end of the day.
  • Remember there are also restrictions from venues, police, and local authorities. If attendees have any queries regarding the display or transportation of a weapon or prop outside of the hall, it is their responsibility to contact the relevant authority. Police may have confiscated items destroyed without warning. Attendees bring items to an event at their own risk.

During the Stage Show

  • No profanity on stage. That includes messages on signs or clothes.
  • Do not use any sort of projectile at all! Nothing must leave your person while you are on the stage.
  • No explosive devices, or similar special effects are to be used.

If you have any questions contact the Cyprus Comic Con team by emailing us at, asking us through Facebook or posting a comment on this page.

20 comments on “CCC Official Cosplay Rules & Guidelines 2015”
  1. Asa

    Due to my costume, I have to carry a fake gun with me.
    Where can I find that orange label that indicates that it is a fake?

    • If your gun looks realistic enough, you can paint the tip of the gun orange or stick some orange (or any neon colour) tape around the tip.

      • Asa

        Thank you!!!!!!! By the way if I want to cosplay is it mandatory to
        register as a cosplayer?

        • It’s not mandatory but we encourage all cosplayers to sign up. It’s a very quick and easy process which helps most cosplayers as well as the cosplay organising team to save time on the day of the event.

          • Asa

            Ok!!!! MANY THANKS HELEN CHRISTOFI!!!!!!!!

  2. Pavlos Georgiou

    So i’m making a portal gun from the games Portal and Portal 2, i dont think it will look realistic but will i still have to have an orange tip?

    • But won’t the orange tip also fade into blue when you shoot blue portals? I kid, I kid.
      No no, a portal gun does not look like a real gun and there is therefore no need to add an orange tip. 🙂

  3. Deniz Akansoy

    I MIGHT cosplay as frodo baggins, MIGHT. And I actually have a proper real sting sword, its and actual like pointy metal sword. Can I bring that for the stage show??

    • If it comes in a scabbard (the case that swords usually come in) you can bring it, but it will have to always be sheathed.

      You will only be allowed to unsheathe it during the private judging. Depending on how well your cosplay does in the contest, your stage appearance might allow you to unsheathe it (because there might not be anyone else on stage which would risk having his eye poked out).

  4. Andreas Polydoridesq

    Hey! I’m cosplaying as green arrow so surprise surprise i’ll be carrying a bow and arrows.
    Of course they won’t be sharp and metallic arrowheads, more like wooden and blunt but I’m still allowed to have them in my quiver right?
    It’s just prohibited to load them anywhere apart from photo shoots right?

    • As long as they aren’t pointy enough to pierce anyone if they slip off while loaded, you can use them as you like. If they can be considered mildly dangerous, you can pose with them but try not to place them directly on the bow string so that a misfire is impossible. Alternatively you can replace the bow string with something that allows for more slack when stretched, so that a misfired arrow will not fly.

      • Andreas Polydorides

        Thanks a lot i’ll make sure they’re blunt!

  5. Galatia

    What time does the cosplay contest begin? And when will the results be announced?

  6. Dennis

    Im making a staff….blade is made with EVA foam which is harmless…but the actual staff is wooden (taken from a broom)….is this considered dangerous?

    • Hi Dennis! This should be absolutely fine – please just take care not to swing it around and hit anyone! 🙂

  7. Jonathan

    im gonna cosplay as the Joker but im not gonna compete,do i still have to go to the cosplay booth and stuff to get checked etc. ?

    And since its a long drive from Limassol to Nicosia i thought of changing there,but im taking the bus so is there somewhere to leave bags and stuff ?

    • Hi Jonathan, there is no need to check in or register if you are not competing. There are changing rooms and toilets where you can put your costume on, we also have a cloak room for cosplayers where you can leave your bags, or if you’re taking the Comic Con buses, you can store them there.

  8. Philip

    Can airsoft guns be transported in a bag as to not have anyone in public notice them? If yes can the bag be left at a designated booth?

    • Hi Philip, please beware that a very realistic-looking weapon is going to scare people even if it’s unloaded, so attempt to paint the tip orange or add an orange cap on the barrel. You can indeed carry it in a bag and leave it at the storage booth which is specifically for cosplayers near the cosplay desk.

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