Boardgames: Imagination Gaming Cyprus

Imagination Gaming Cyprus is part of the UK based Imagination Gaming team, a team that has over a decade experience in educating children through board games. The team’s goal is to change the perception of board games within Cyprus to one where they are seen and used as the great learning tools that they are and to promote their values through organised events and activities. They want to see games used on a regular basis in schools and other organisations, as well as by families and groups, to bring people together and provide a stimulating mental challenge across all ages and abilities.

Beyond the fun they can offer, they can challenge and help everyone, and mostly children, to socialise away from computers and tablets, to use their imagination, to learn values like to compete, take critical decisions, learn from their mistakes, act as part of a group, understand and respect the opinions and decisions of others, learn to loose and win in the right way in a pleasant and creative environment through beautifully illustrated and clever board games. The Imagination Gaming Cyprus are co-operating with big organisations like PASYKAF, the Radiomarathonios Foundation, the Cyprus Cancer Association, Telethon and various schools all over Cyprus and we are working at regular weekly meetings with the Youth Board of Cyprus and different school clubs. You can find them at Hall 5 and help them promote everything board games have to offer!