Cyprus Comic Con serves as a platform for local community groups, charities and NGOs to spread their message by providing them access to an audience of thousands!

Community groups with relevant content are encouraged to participate and showcase their mission and activities. At CCC, you are sure to find plenty of like-minded people to interact with and a lot of fun content to explore within the different sub-communities!

Similarly, NGOs and charity organisations, use our platform to inform people of their cause, raise awareness and recruit support. Even a little bit of help goes a long way and we can all contribute, by donating, volunteering or simply spreading the word!

Local businesses participate at CCC with a plethora of geeky goods – many order specific, limited items in just for their booths at the show – so keep an eye out for some awesome loot acquisitions – you’ll be supporting our local enterprises in the process!

Community Groups

Glorious PCMR Community

One of our participants for Cyprus Comic Con 2019 is Glorious PCMR Community! Glorious PCMR Community is a platform where people can share their passion about PC games and PCs in general. Members of the group can discuss the latest PC parts as well as games, but the founders of the group hope to grow […]


Cyprus Comic Con is delighted to announce that HallyuCY, the ever-growing local community dedicated to the spread of South Korean pop culture in Cyprus, will be returning once again to CCC19! Last October, HallyuCY celebrated its 7 year anniversary since the group's creation in 2011 and after a series of successful events leading up to the new year, its team [...]

Pokemon GO Cyprus

The Pokémon GO Cyprus community for the first time ever will be joining Cyprus Comic Con 2019! The booth was set up in order to promote Pokémon GO in Cyprus. “Pokémon GO Cyprus” consists of various groups in the island, brought together under a common umbrella. The team behind the Pokémon GO Cyprus community are […]

Retro Computing & Gaming Ltd

Cyprus Comic Con is excited to announce Retro Computing & Gaming Ltd as one of its participants for this year’s event! Retro Computing & Gaming Ltd (RCG), is a non-profit company, responsible for organising and setting up the first Computer History Museum in Cyprus, combining social responsibility, culture, education and entertainment in a single package. […]

Charities & NGOs

BirdLife Cyprus

Find us at Comic Con - Hall 6 for all things birds! BirdLife Cyprus is a registered non-profit, non-governmental organization and the official partner of BirdLife International in Cyprus. Our aim is to protect the wild birds of Cyprus, their habitats, and wider biodiversity, and maintain a healthy environment in which people on the island [...]

Cans For Kids

Cans For Kids is a registered charity, formed in 1990 to organise the collection and recycling of aluminium cans in Cyprus. To encourage people to save their cans, it was decided to use the proceeds to purchase medical equipment for the children’s wards at Cypriot hospitals. Since its inception, more than 30 million cans have [...]

Karaiskakio Foundation

Karaiskakio Foundation is a non - profit organisation established with the sole purpose of organising a volunteer Bone Marrow Donor Registry. Today, by setting a dynamic vision “for a world without leukemia”, it combines volunteering and specialised scientific support, in order to serve the needs of patients with haematological malignancies both effectively and efficiently. The [...]


At this year’s Cyprus Comic Con there will be a special booth set up by P.A.W.S. – Protecting Animals Without Shelter fully dedicated to a geek’s best friend! Expect to find second hand books in low prices, toys for your pets, dogs’ and cats’ collars, leashes and accessories. They will also be selling their charity’s [...]

Creative Corner


Medieval Zone

New Section at CCC 2019 - Medieval Zone We are proud to announce a new section for Cyprus Comic Con this year - one that we hope will grow and become a part of the experience every year - with the aim of supporting and getting the word out about local groups and communities practicing [...]

The House of Zombies

Cablenet is sponsoring Cyprus Comic Con 2019 and wants to invite you at The House of Zombies, to solve Cablenet’s riddles and try to escape with the antidote that will save humanity. A sheriff in America wakes up at a hospital after a coma. In his way out, he faces a destroyed world full of […]


Youtubers, Streamers & Influencers


AlexTheTrashman will be joining us for Cyprus Comic Con 2019! AlexTheTrashman is a Cypriot streamer/content creator based in Nicosia, that heavily focuses on creating a chilled and fun filled environment where everyone to call home. You can catch AlexTheTrashman on, where he is usually playing FPS/Shooter Games, Horror Games an Occasional Story driven games. […]


Crim will be joining us for Cyprus Comic Con 2019! Crim is a 17 year old YouTube Creator that makes videos in both Greek and English. He has over 80 000+ Subscribers and over 11 000 000 total views.  You can watch Crim’s videos on his Greek and English YouTube channels and follow him on […]


CrownedGamer1 will be joining us for Cyprus Comic Con 2019! CrownedGamer1 is a Gamer and YouTuber from Cyprus. Although a lot of his videos are focused on gaming, he does other type of videos such as challenges and vlogs. You can watch CrownedGamer1’s videos on his YouTube channel and follow his Facebook and Instagram!   Watch CrownedGamer1’s […]


ICOnlyBlue is joining us for Cyprus Comic Con 2019! ICOnlyBlue is a Twitch Affiliate Streamer from Cyprus. He is a variety streamer that focuses on having a good time and making people laugh. He has been streaming for over 3 years and he says that it has been amazing so far! He is dedicated and passionate […]


marioTUBE will be joining us for this year’s Cyprus Comic Con! marioTUBE is one of the biggest youtubers in Cyprus and is only 18 years old! He started making videos at the age of 14 and slowly built his audience, therefore he now has 145 000 subscribers with over 15 000 000 views. You can watch […]


Youtuber Mazlimaz is one of this year’s Comic Con participants! Mazlimaz has always been interested in acting, entertainment and film-making from a very young age. YouTube has encouraged him to pursue these interests. With multiple videos reaching over 500 000 views, it has helped him reach 81 000 subscribers in total and over 7 000 […]


Miltis is one of the participants for this year’s Cyprus Comic Con! Christos Miltiadous, known as Miltis is a professional Fortnite player which always had a passion for video games. Specifically, at the age of 13, he started playing Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. He has actively been playing Fortnite since the day it […]

Nicolas Jovani

Nicolas Jovani will be joining us for Cyprus Comic Con 2019! Jovani is an actor, stand-up comedian, social media influencer and YouTuber whose parody music videos have earned millions of views on his self-titled channel.  You can watch Jovani’s videos on his YouTube channel, and make sure to follow his Facebook and Instagram!     […]


Instagram influencer the_skiouros will be joining us for Cyprus Comic Con 2019! Xenios Georgakis (aka the_skiouros) is 14 years old. He is an  Instagramer with 4K followers around the globe mainly from Cyprus and Greece. His main focus on Instagram are memes (photo and video). Make sure to follow the_skiouros’ on Instagram!


Zozzy will be one of the participants for this year’s Cyprus Comic Con! Zozzy is a female streamer from Cyprus. She loves playing games on Twitch while entertaining & creating a fun atmosphere for her chat! Make sure to visit Zozzy’s Twitch channel, YouTube channel and Instagram.         Watch Zozzy playing Fortnite […]



AnexitiloN (Savvas Koureas) belongs to the new generation of contemporary artists. He was born in Nicosia on May 25, 1977. He studied at the atelier of the known artist Lefteris Economou, and then he continued his studies in the fields of ‘Mechanical Engineering’ and ‘Design & Technology’. Speaking about the artist’s work, it is expressed by […]