Every year at Cyprus Comic Con a large number of local and international music artists are given the opportunity to perform and showcase their talent on the outdoor stage.
Although live music, performances and other entertainment acts will be taking place throughout the entire duration of the event, the Cyprus Comic Con Afterparty is the highlight of our celebration! This year, our Afterparty will be at the same venue as our main event and you are all invited to stay and party with us until 4AM on Saturday and 12AM on Sunday!

Food Court

The Food Court is part of the outdoors festival area, where a careful selection of quality food vendors serve delicious food and refreshing drinks to comic con fans.
Step outside for a quick break, breathe in some fresh air, socialise, make new friends and enjoy the outdoors festival atmosphere with a cold drink in hand! Take your pick from a wide variety of foods and flavours to satisfy all tastes and preferences, for meat-eaters, vegans and vegetarians alike!


This year we’ll have a wide range of acts from metal and rock bands to KPOP dance covers and deep house DJs.


DJ Level Up Leroy

Set time: Saturday 20th from 19:00 to 02:00 & Sunday 21st from 18:00 to 21:00

Level Up Leroy prides himself on being a purveyor of the finest Nerd and Geek beats, having DJ’ed at comic cons all over the globe! Level Up Leroy travels to comic con conventions and after parties playing his unique blend of nerd video remixes and tracks. Leroy has also played at many of the finest clubs, bars and venue’s across the country & abroad. His pure genius mixes and ability to get all crowds going and singing along makes Level Up Leroy one of the best and most fun DJ’s in the UK! Leroy will be joining us on the CCC Outdoor Stage and the CCC After Party with glorious mixes of our favourite pop culture music made into an unforgettable party with dubstep, retrowave and chiptune twists accompanied by a light dance show.

Visit DJ Level Up Leroy’s websiteFacebookTwitterInstagramSoundcloud and YouTube channel.

DJ Elliot

Set time: Saturday 20th from 19:00 to 02:00 & Sunday 21st from 18:00 to 21:00

DJ Elliot is one of the top DJs in Orlando, Florida. He specializes in a mix between EDM, top 40, mashups, and nerd-centric tunes, DJ Elliot has performed across the country including NYCC, Star Wars Celebrations, WMC, and much more. Whether it’s leading the crowd with interactive entertainment or mixing the perfect set, his ability to read a crowd and program appropriate music is unparalleled.
Visit DJ Elliot’s website, Facebook, YouTube Channel and check out his music soundcloud.

DJ Deepna

Set time: Saturday 20th from 16:00 to 17:00

DJ Deepna was born in Russia but Cyprus has been her home since she was 14 years old! She has carved an amazing path for herself in her music career in Cyprus. Her 1st Residency being Guaba Beach Bar as a deep house DJ, shortly after this she gained other residencies @ Patio Bar, Nicosia, Blueberry Cafe, Blue Apple and many more events in and around CY!
These days DJ Deepna enjoys minimal tech/progressive & techno, staying unique each time she presses P L A Y! She says: “Being A DJ gives me the power to love this world I believe that electronic music is so unique..so modern, and its much better than any therapy in the world!! ”
Visit DJ Deepna’s Facebook, Instagram and check her music on mixcloud.


H e a t w a v e

Set time: Sunday 21st from 12:00 to 14:30

H e a t w a v e presents Retro and Synthwave music for a “Space-Time Journey”. It will travel you back and forth between the 80’s and 2080’s.
Visit H e a t w a v e’s Facebook page.


Set Time: Sunday 21st from 16:00 to 17:00

Funked-Up-Project is a creative, unconventional and explosive band, manned by Pavlos Gregoras on vocals, Christos Pechlivanis on keys and vocals and Nickolas Filippou on percussion. Funked-Up-Project’s setlist includes Rock, Jazz, Blues and Funk songs. Constantinos C. Blynd will be joining the band as a guest of honour on guitar!
Visit Funked-Up-Project’s Facebook page.

Infected Syren

Set Time: Sunday 21st from 21:00 to 22:00

Infected Syren is a highly energetic Punk/Metal quartet from Nicosia, Cyprus. Originally formed in 2011. All band members have been active in the Cypriot local scene, since the late 90s, with some even involved in punk and metal bands abroad. Metal, Punk, Hardcore and Psychobilly, all masterfully blended together to create the band’s truly unique sound. Sick music for Sick people. The band consists of: Louis Syrimis on vocals/guitar, Constantinos Syrimis on drums, Miguel Trapezaris on bass and Cristian G. Louca on guitar.
Visit Infected Syren’s Facebook and listen to their music on Bandcamp!


Set time: Saturday 20th from 18:00 to 19:00

R.U.S.T.X is the continuation of R.U.S.T. and they welcome you to a never ending metal/rock fantasy.
R.U.S.T. formed in 2003 (then known as Flames in Ice) with the pure purpose of playing Traditional 80’s Heavy Metal. During 2014, Tasos (Vocals) and Adamos (guitars) had to unfortunately leave the band due to personal reasons, thus creating a pause time for R.U.S.T. That’s when R.U.S.T.X were born, consisting of George, Panayiotis and Johnny Xanthou, along with an additional band member, their sister Katerina Xanthou. Katerina’s addition marks a new era for R.U.S.T.X, adding more progressive melodies for the new born hard and heavy metal band. The main characteristic of the band is the four different voice variations that when combined, they create something truly unique.
Visit R.U.S.T.X’s website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channel and listen to their music on Spotify!

Theo & Alex


Set Time: Sunday 21st from 15:00 to 16:00

Theo & Alex are a performing duo from Nicosia, Cyprus, covering acoustic versions of songs, spanning 4 decades of rock and pop genres, with a touch of originality.
Visit Theo & Alex’s Facebook!

Winter's Verge

Set time: Sunday 21st from 22:00 to 00:00

Winter’s Verge is one of Cyprus’ longest-running metal bands. The band has a strong fantasy/epic theme, and playing at CCC will feel like being right at home. Following the release of ‘The Wolves of Tiberon’ EP at CCC 2017, Winter’s Verge now have 3 new members in the band to take up the places left by departing guitarists Harrys Pari and Andy Kopriva – the renowned and highly-respected guitarists Marios Danos and Deniel Pavlovsky joined George Charalambous (vocals), Miguel Trapezaris (bass) and Danny Koullis Georgiou Conway (drums) in 2018. The multi-talented Donn Torres also joined to take up the place at the keyboards. Their new album titled ‘The Ballad of James Tig’ will be more epic and detailed than anything the band has released in the past, making CCC 2019 the ideal place for an exclusive live preview.

You can visit Winter’s Verge’s website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel.

The Xiles

Set time: Sunday 21st from 17:00 to 18:00

The Xiles are a professional and competent band specialising in 50’s and 60’s style rock ‘n roll and rockabilly music. No gig is too small or too big and the band has even played gigs abroad in both Germany and Sweden. The guys play a great mix of well known favourites and more obscure songs plus some of their own compositions that’ll have you dancing and rockin’ the night away. A real 50’s style band. The band consists of Ian “The Joopster” on bass/lead vocals, Göran “The Hammer” on guitar/piano and Dave “The Animal” on drums.

Visit The Xile’s website and Facebook.



Performance: Saturday 20th at 15:30
KPOP Random Dance Challenge: Sunday 21st at 14:30 

SAD-G are the first KPOP dance cover team in Cyprus. They formed back in 2014 and they are a self-organised dance group under the HallyuCy community group. SAD-G stands for “Super Awesome Dance Group”. The team consists of six core members, with more joining at every practice session depending on which choreographies they are interested in learning. They cover a variety of choreographies, ranging from bubblegum pop such as Twice and Red Velvet, to more electronic and hip-hop sounds such as BTS and NCT.
Visit SAD-G’s Facebook page and watch their dance covers on their Instagram and YouTube channel.

Body Airbrushing Show


Set time: Saturday 20th from 20:15 until 21:45

AnexitiloN (Savvas Koureas) is an airbrush artist whose work is widely recognised for its aesthetic diversity, together with avant-garde values. Some of his art pieces can be found ‘rolling’ down the streets while the rest  are permanently displayed at governmental and municipal buildings, at museums and private collections.

AnexitiloN has been chosen to join us, presenting his unique Body Airbrushing Performance Show on alternative styled models. This time, his ‘Extravaganza Art Theater’ show, filled with art improvisations, will unfold before a live audience. The whole experience will be a reflection of the world of the legendary LEON beer, with a fantasy-art flavour.

Visit AnexitiloN’s website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Food Court

Delicious food and refreshing drinks are a big part of every festival, so we wanted to make sure that our guests will have an extensive variety to choose from.