Curious about this year’s event?

Whether you are an art enthusiast, a movie geek, a dedicated cosplayer, an avid collector, a gamer, a die-hard animanga fan, or simply a bystander curious about the immense diversity of popular culture and its trends, Cyprus Comic Con has something special for you!

Here is a list of some of the exciting activities and specialised area sections you can visit – or even join!

Artists’ Alley

The Artists’ Alley is a dedicated space for professional and semi-professional artists to showcase their talent, interact with other creative minds and art enthusiasts, draw commissioned sketches and sell prints, as well as other merchandise of their work.

If you are looking for a unique souvenir to take home with you that’s crafty and creative, then make sure to visit the Artists’ Alley and browse the creative works on display! Or, even better, ask one of the artists to create a custom, commissioned sketch for you of your favourite character!

Artists’ Alley space is primarily reserved for comic book artists, illustrators, inkers and concept artists. Priority is given to the applications of artists whose work is relevant to the comic con and its audience. Creative talent in other pop culture areas will be considered on a case by case basis.


The Cosplay competitions and parade, are possibly one of Cyprus Comic Con’s biggest attractions, with hundreds of talented cosplayers showcasing their creativity and craftsmanship, as well as their love for their favourite comic book, anime or video game characters. If eligible, the winner of CCC’s EuroCosplay Qualifiers will have the opportunity to represent Cyprus in the EuroCosplay Championships Final in London!

The craftsmanship award shows highlight the creativity of our local cosplayers and celebrate the immense variety of popular culture and its trends. If you love costumes, hand-made crafts and transformations, make sure not to miss the Cosplay Parade, as it’s one of the most colourful and vibrant stages you will ever see!

For those of you that love dressing up but are not very confident with their crafting skills, don’t worry – you can attend the event in cosplay and even enjoy complimentary entrance to the venue, without taking part in the Cosplay competitions!

Gaming Tournaments

Every year, a number of exciting gaming tournaments take place at Cyprus Comic Con! We are very proud to be able to offer a platform for these community-oriented tournaments, help promote our local gaming communities, as well as connect organisers, media and fans.

The gaming tournaments are the best place for you to test your skills and competitive spirit, by facing off against some of the most seasoned players on the island! So what do you think, do you have what it takes?

Special Guests

Every year, Cyprus Comic Con welcomes an exciting line up of celebrity Special Guests, from all corners of the pop culture spectrum, including film and TV actors, comic book artists, professional cosplayers, musicians and more!

Visitors are given the opportunity to get their precious memorabilia or a personalised photograph signed, as well as chat and take photos and selfies with their favourite guests. Furthermore,  a series of panels, workshops and exclusive interviews with the Special Guests are held on both days of the convention, so make sure to check the comic con schedule so as to not miss them!

Film Festival

The Cyprus Comic Con Film Festival is proud to showcase the creative talent of local, as well as international filmmakers and animators, to a wide and diverse audience. If you have a film or animation project you believe our attendees would enjoy, we would love to help you promote it at our event.

Film fanatics will be able to enjoy a catered selection of screenings representing a wide spectrum of film genres in popular culture. Furthermore, the Film Festival room will host an exciting array of panels and interviews with Special Guests, filmmakers and other creatives.

Outdoors Festival:


Every year at Cyprus Comic Con a large number of local and international music artists are given the opportunity to perform and showcase their talent on the outdoor stage. If you are a DJ, musician, band or dance group and believe your performance can capture the comic con audience, we want to hear from you!

Although live music, performances and other entertainment acts will be taking place throughout the entire duration of the event, the Cyprus Comic Con Afterparty is the highlight of our celebration! This year, our Afterparty will be at the same venue as our main event and you are all invited to stay and party with us until 4AM on Saturday and 12AM on Sunday!

Food Court

The Food Court is part of the outdoors festival area, where a careful selection of quality food vendors serve delicious food and refreshing drinks to comic con fans.

Step outside for a quick break, breathe in some fresh air, socialise, make new friends and enjoy the outdoors festival atmosphere with a cold drink in hand! Take your pick from a wide variety of foods and flavours to satisfy all tastes and preferences, for meat-eaters, vegans and vegetarians alike!


Got stuff? Like a LOT of stuff? Can’t find your bed? Need to downsize your collection cause it’s getting out of hand? It’s time to turn that clutter into cash – bring your secondhand games, anime, manga, figures, plushies and collectibles to the Bazaar at CCC17 and sell them to the loving arms of a fellow geek!

The Bazaar hosts a large number of collectors and private sellers, boasting a huge variety of both handmade as well as second-hand items for sale. Browse through the exciting loot-filled booths and find your own, unique little piece of treasure to take home!

Please note that the Bazaar is only for the sale of handmade and second-hand items by private sellers. Shops and other businesses are strictly forbidden from participating in the Bazaar.

Community Groups, Charities and NGOs

Cyprus Comic Con serves as a platform for local community groups, charities and NGOs to spread their message by providing them access to an audience of thousands!

Community groups with relevant content are encouraged to participate and showcase their mission and activities. At CCC17, you are sure to find plenty of like-minded people to interact with and a lot of fun content to explore within the different sub-communities!

Similarly, NGOs and charity organisations, use our platform to inform people of their cause, raise awareness and recruit support. Even a little bit of help goes a long way and we can all contribute, by donating, volunteering or simply spreading the word!

Panels and Workshops

Each year, a number of fun and educational panels take place at Cyprus Comic Con, featuring Special Guests, filmmakers, professional cosplayers, comic book artists and other creatives. The panels are the perfect opportunity to meet with some of your favourite artists, interact with them and learn about their craft!

Additionally, keep an eye out for the various creative workshops that take place throughout the event, taught by working professionals within the pop culture industry. The workshops offer a one-of-kind,  hands-on experience to learn from the very best in their field so we highly recommend that you attend as many of them as possible!


Cyprus Comic Con hosts a wide variety of local and international shops, offering licensed merchandise from all aspects of popular culture, from Comics, to TV and Film, Anime, Manga, Gaming, Toys, Collectibles and more!

In the retail vendors hall, you will find an impressively large selection of premium merchandise and memorabilia, so be sure to pick up some of that amazing loot to take home!


As a non-profit organisation, Cyprus Comic Con depends upon corporate sponsorship for much of its financial support. By becoming a Sponsor, you could play a pivotal role in helping to promote the historic art form and global phenomenon of comic-book influenced art and popular culture. In return, your company would receive coverage and/or a tailored participation in our annual event!


Cyprus Comic Con’s immense success, greatly depends on the hard work, enthusiasm and dedication of our volunteers. Volunteering is a fantastic learning experience and a great, fun way to build your resume. Apply to become a comic con volunteer and be part of the biggest event in Cyprus celebrating popular culture!