Artist Profile: Elpida Kyriakou (Elysper)

Illustrator and concept artist Elpida Kyriakou is returning to CCC17’s Artists’ Alley!

Elpida (aka Elysper), is a 20-year-old primarily self-taught artist from Limassol. She enjoys working with traditional and digital media just the same and likes to practice both. She can transition from inks and pencils on paper, to colored illustrations or even pixel art in programs like Photoshop. Her inspiration is mostly drawn from the Eastern Asian and Western culture, as well as comics and her aim is to one day create a comic that combines both styles.

She is currently working as a freelance illustrator and concept artist, doing private commissions and working as a character or environment artist in video games like Elysian Shadows. She has also experimented in sculpting, and creating small handcrafts such as jewelry. Meanwhile, she just began her studies in a 3-D Animation and Modeling degree in the University of Hertfordshire, where she has been experimenting within the 3-D world and the opportunities it provides to create new exciting assets, as well as improving her 2-D drawing skills. Her goal, other than creating a unique story and comic, is to be a part of the gaming or movie industry as an aspiring concept artist!

Visit Elpida’s page on Facebook to see more of her work!

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